September 23, 2013
Photo from

Photo from

By Brian Thomas, M.S.

How do butterfly’s wings shine? Like almost all other butterflies, the Morpho has wings covered with scales. Typically, pigmentation patterns across these scales generate wing colors, but a Morpho‘s scales deploy an additional feature.

On top of their scales, Morpho butterflies have countless tiny, tree-like structures with suspended branched arms that manipulate light waves. Spacing among the branches helps match targeted light-wavelengths, like blue for example. Repeated reflections of the same wavelength cause interference effects that, when viewed from certain angles, generate stunning iridescence.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

I finally shared, recently, why I have chosen the butterfly as the symbol for this blog and my gravatar.  If interested read the comments in THIS BLOG POST.

This video is featured in my friend Manny’s blog post:


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