The Root of the Problem

Since this is about roots, there’s a quote from an endearing T.V. show that comes to mind.  Barney Fife always said, “Nip it – Nip it in the bud.”

Sometime before I was born, a half century ago, things started to slip.  One might go all the way back to the Garden of Eden to find the original source of the problem.

I can really only write though, experientially, about the last 40 years.  There are certain books that I rely on for historic information.  I find that most of these have been left in the dust by much of the “new history” that is being published.  The problem with “new history” is that it seems to change when in rolls a new tide.

I think we know more facts now than ever, however, I think our “modern” worldview is taking us into a time that will eventually be our undoing.  Even though we know more facts about the past, the ideology of a changing culture distorts those facts to fit whatever it is that people want to believe.

For the Christian, the eventual “undoing” will lead to the second coming of our glorious Savior.  Christians have been looking forward to this event for centuries.

When the 10 Commandments started coming off of the walls across our nation, our troubles increased.  I’m not just talking about the walls of government.  When the 10 commandments started being removed from government buildings, it was only a symptom of the greater problem.

The larger problem?  The thing that allowed the statement of God’s law to come off of our government buildings was the fact that it first came off of the walls of our homes and our churches.  When I speak of “coming off of walls,” I am speaking literally and figuratively.

Why did millions of Christians not rise up and protest the removal of school prayer in the early 1960s?  Why were there too few Christians stationed to stop the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973?  It is because God’s laws had begun to be removed from the hearts and minds of Americans.

I can do no better than the following statement, as it comes from the living Word of God:

“…the Lord abides forever; He has established His throne in judgment, and He will judge the world in righteousness; He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.

“The Lord also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, And those who know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; For Thou, O Lord, hast not forsaken those who seek Thee.”

–         Psalm 9: 7-10

According to this passage, and many others in the Holy Book, we are to trust in God, not in what we think or in our bank accounts.  Sadly, the majority of today’s Americans live in one of these two camps.

What is the root of problems today?  It is the same thing that it has always been.  All we need do is look at the face in our mirror.  There is a sinful nature inside the person you are looking at.  If it were not true, we would not need the 10 commandments.  They were given to us by a loving God who gave us the laws in an effort to keep us out of trouble and to lead us to our Savior.

“If we say we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us.  If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (My emphasis)    – 1 John 1:8-9

What a great God.  He’s the answer to the root of our problems.

Chris Reimers

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