Norwegian Officials Steal Another Baby From His Loving Parents

Photo from Steven Bennet’s Facebook page

By Steven Bennett

Norwegian couple, Sylvia (44) and Trond Rikard Ensby (40) thought that they would get some help when they stayed at a mother’s home in Norway, but instead, Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet took away their precious baby boy, because he didn’t pass the baby IQ test.

The parents are a wonderful couple – AND ARE NOT criminals! There have a wonderful family around them as well, including Ruth, a heart broken grandmother who so dearly misses her only grandchild.

The court of appeal has now ruled that this mother and father will not see their precious baby boy again and their son has now been put up for adoption, without any of his relatives being considered.

There’s absolutely nothing in Sylvia’s history that says she had been diagnosed as mentally retarded. This is serious negligence in the system.

And, this is just one sick example that shows how Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet is truly an evil, remorseless, oppressive, dysfunctional, child and family destroying system of terror!
Trond Rikard Ensby commented:

“Even though we were prepared, it was a shock to get the verdict, for us it is incomprehensible. The first few days after the sentence, I felt completely empty. The entire experience has been very tough, but we’ve been in it.”

Sylvia and Trond Rikard Ensby’s lawyer, Marie Sølverud is working on an appeal to the Supreme Court, and if necessary, they will proceed to the European Court of Human Rights. “We have nothing to lose and we must try all possibilities for our son’s sake.”

The couple’s lawyer, Marie Sølverud also states:
“It’s a very serious, sad and wrong judgment. The case will be appealed. I think it is hard to say anything about how the Supreme Court is going to deal with the matter. If it’s necessary, we will appeal to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights).”

In the lawyer’s opinion, she strongly responded to the fact that the court did not take into account the reports of two expert psychologists, who believe the child should be returned to the parents.
Welcome to the Brave New World of Norway!

My thoughts:

First, I would like to thank Steven Bennett for his unending battle to educate all of us about the evil Barnevernet (Norwegian Child Welfare Services). Steven is a Christian who lives in Austria and has become one of the best authorities on this subject outside of Norway.

Second, As events like this happen in Norway on a daily basis, I can’t say I’m surprised. Each new case, however, makes the Norwegian situation more horrific. As Steven has noted, this is evil, plain and simple.

Third, I saw Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, standing behind President Trump at the recent G-20 summit. It was a little over a year ago that an online protest about the Barnevernet ended up on Ms. Solberg’s FB page. Hundreds of complaints were “voiced” and continued to pour in until the post was completely deleted. It was a conversation that got a bit heated but it should have been allowed to remain as many articulated their feelings about the NCWS. The Leaders of Norway know the problem. It remains to be seen if enough Norwegians and pressure from outside of Norway will be able to end these evil decisions.

Last, I wish my Norwegian friends to know that they are in my prayers. The two Norwegian situations that I have followed here, Ken’s and Amy’s, remain unresolved. Both stories are tragic and are representative of so many other sad stories coming out of a country that is supposed to be “one of the happiest places to live.” For those of you who followed Nadia and Caspian’s story here, they are doing very well and Caspian is thriving in the presence of his loving mother.

Chris Reimers

SOURCE (The story as it appears on Steven Bennett’s Facebook page)

7 Responses to Norwegian Officials Steal Another Baby From His Loving Parents

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Man not again!

    • Chris says:

      Sadly, it is so, Pastor Jim. I could probably put up a new story once a week but I chose this one because these are folks that Nadia, the young mother whose story I followed for months, knows personally. It seems that there is an attempt to spread similar “psychology” to other countries. It is a big problem throughout Europe and not unheard of here in the states. I will continue to try and learn the scope of the problem and hopefully our legislators will take note, like my local state senator, Alan Clark. He has actually helped create and pass legislation in Arkansas so that decisions like this are not possible.

  2. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Chris, I’m so sorry to hear this! Will pray with you!

  3. Chris says:

    Thank you, Maria. God bless you!

  4. Letting oneself be tempted to go to a “Mother’s home”, a “Family centre” or whatever else they may call it, has been known for 30 years to be the sure way of losing your child. One of the desperate troubles we have when trying to get the Norwegian people to wake up to the realities of Barnevernet, is that people, even when they are targeted, continue to be naive about what Barnevernet says, and do not trouble to gain information by reading on the internet or anywhere. So ever new victims walk into the spider’s parlour.

    Around 1995, Åge Simonsen suggested a list of 10 points for parliamentary politician John Alvheim, and Alvheim made them his own immediately. Alvheim was a staunch Christian, he did not intend any irony or ridicule by calling them his ten commandments. By the way, I know for a fact that Åge was the original author – I was there collaborating with him at the time. I knew Alvheim too; he was an extraordinary politician.

    Here are the 10 pieces of advice in Norwegian, with the particular one in focus here being no 5:

    “Alvheims ti bud:
    Ti bud til dem som kommer i barnevernets søkelys”
    (Ten commandments for those who are hit by the Norwegian CPS Barnevernet’s searchlight)

    and below is an English translation. John Alvheim was a member of the Progress Party, the very party which now is part of the government and even has the Minister of Children and Equality, Solveig Horne! We sometimes ask ourselves what Alvheim would say, if he were still alive, to the Progress Party’s awful handling of child protection.

    I take exception to no 3 – nearly all clinical psychologists working in this field are on the side of the CPS.

    1. Don’t say anything – everything you say will be used against you.
    2. Contact a good lawyer immediately.
    3. Get a psychologist, even if you are healthy – you might need it.
    4. Don´t accept help, it will create the impression that you can´t take care of yourself.
    5. Don´t accept help from Mother Homes. This is not a relief institution, but a surveillance centre.
    6. Demand an explanation in writing for all decisions you are exposed to.
    7. Appeal against every decision.
    8. Don´t accept placement in foster homes. You won´t get your child back.
    9. Remember that when Norway’s Child Welfare System, Barnevernet talks about relief measures, that normally refers to taking over parental care, or surveillance.
    10. If you need help, use friends or relatives – or manage yourself.

    It has been posted in several places, e.g here:

  5. Chris says:

    So…over 20 years ago the situation in Norway’s CPS was bad enough that intelligent and moral Norwegians knew there was a huge problem.

    In a simple google search for Mr. Alvheim, It didn’t take me long to find Mr. Simonsen’s “10 Commandments for those that are targeted by Barnevernet” connected to Mr. Alvheim’s name.. I found articles with headlines that had Mr. Alvheim’s name in them. One said: “A giant in Norwegian politics is gone” referring to his death in 2005.

    I also found this article translated “They Never Speak True” that featured you along with Mr. Alvheim, Marianne: (I know you were misquoted in some of this article.)

    I am also aware of headlines that were very critical of Mr. Alvheim.

    After spending an hour or so researching this Norwegian politician, I am already appreciative of his fearless effort to raise awareness about problems that everyone (Christians in particular imo) should be concerned about. He defended the young and the old, those whom many in society feel are unimportant, and this is why he was criticized. He is evidence that all along there have been decent Norwegians who have seen the cruelty of “the system” and who haven’t been afraid to let others know what they think.

    It seems that today’s Norwegian politicians lack Mr. Avheim’s concern for human rights or the spine to speak the truth about a CPS system that continues down a terribly wrong path. I hope and pray that this will change in the near future.

    Thank you for this contribution, Marianne. If one Norwegian reads this and it keeps them from asking for “help” and accepting the promise of a “nice place like the Mother’s Home,” it has been very valuable. I get readers from Norway here almost every day. I am glad they come here. Almost none leave comments but that’s OK.

    All one has to do is read Nadia’s story that was published here a little over a year ago and when they get targeted they will no longer be naive.

    You and I followed that story and it had a happy ending as, at the end of the updates done here, Nadia got her son, Caspian, back.

    The people in this post were not as fortunate.

    Today, months after Nadia has proven to be a good parent, there is news that while Nadia was away, BV personnel and police allegedly went into her home. This happened a few days ago and Nadia has not yet been notified of the “visit.”

    It seems that Nadia was on the phone with someone and was overheard saying she was “dizzy” and had a “headache.” She was fine the next day but soon found that she was required to take a drug test as soon as possible. Nadia passed the test but she is understandably upset by this intrusion into her privacy. Evidently, along with being “visited” without permission, her home was watched for hours while she was away on a short trip

    At the least, this is harassment. I have been reminded by other Norwegians on Facebook that this behavior is normal in your country. Many are not happy with the latest developments in Nadia’s case not to mention the thousands of parents and children who have been harmed by decisions made by an organization that is out of control and seems beyond government concern. The Norwegian Child Welfare System makes evil decisions every day. It should not be allowed to continue.

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