WOW!!!  That was Excellent!  Praise the Lord!!!  These thoughts went through my mind as I was leaving this year’s opening performance of a special event.

I have been living in Hot Springs for almost 15 years now, live only 10 minutes away, and had never seen it before.  There are many excuses.  But when Judy McEarl, the director of the play invited me and my family because of my association with Change Point, how could I turn it down?  I had no idea that I lived so close to the beautiful Panther Valley Ranch area where “The Witness” is performed.

Church groups had come from Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas to view the opener.  Folks from Missouri and Illinois were also in the crowd.

They were not disappointed.  Judy and the cast and crew have done an outstanding job of creating a musical that represents the life of our Savior.

The play begins as soon as the sun goes down.  That means that the starting time changes throughout the season.

On this particular evening, as the life of Jesus was wonderfully depicted, one could look up at a cloudless sky and view the same stars that Jesus saw (and had created) when he walked among us.  The song selections were outstanding; certain events of Jesus’ life chosen creatively.  There was joy, humor, laughter, and tears.

When the soldiers marched into the garden to arrest Jesus, I could imagine what it must have been like on that night long ago; very similar but darker.

The resurrection was awesome.

What a blessing it was to see a special edition of a special show.

And it was right under my nose all of the time.

I look forward to seeing it again soon.

Chris Reimers

“The Witness” website:


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