Note:  It is June 25, 2012 and I just got a comment about this post today (see comments).  To be fair to the website linked to here that used to give you the option to drop a bomb on the traditional family, IT HAS BEEN CHANGED.  I did not know this until I read today’s comment and came back to this post.  The target and bomb has been replaced by a baby bottle and a baby.  I don’t know when the change was made, but it has been made.  I’m leaving the story up so that you know how it was not long ago.


The following is a portion of an article that appeared on LifeSiteNews today.  I’m really beginning to like the site.

We all know that the traditional family is in trouble.  A large percentage of younger folks, through no fault of their own, have never tasted personally what it feels like to be part of a traditional family.

Times have certainly changed.

As a 12-year-old paper boy in 1970, I delivered papers to the neighborhood that surrounded the home of my youth.  Out of the 120 or so customers that I had, I can remember the widowed woman across the street raising two kids, and the man who lived by himself a few houses down.

Other than those two, everyone else that I collected monthly payments from  were either retired or in a family that had a Dad and a Mom.

Did I hear family members hollering at one another occasionally?  Yes.

Were there a few meanies?  Yes.

Were all of the Fathers great Fathers?  I would guess that not all of them were.

Were all of the Mothers great Mothers?  Probably not.

Was there dysfunction (although I don’t think the word was yet related to families)?

Of course.

Sadly, things aren’t as good for children today as they were in 1970.

I can’t believe how fast and how far things have deteriorated.

Here are the families you can “destroy” by playing the game mentioned below…

I have met heroic young women who are trying to raise their children in a godly way by themselves.

I have met heroic young men who are doing the same.

A good deal of the time today, however, the kids are the last consideration in the fight between former marrieds.

I don’t think I need to quote statistics for those of you who are reading this.  You have eyes.  You can see what is happening.

It is a difficult thing to watch.

Chris Reimers

Here’s part of the article (a letter) from LifeSiteNews:

Dear Friends,

“Destroy the Traditional Family: The Game”

No, we’re not joking. This game is real, and you can play it on this website.

Participants can use the cursor (shaped like a target) to click on images of happy traditional families, and watch as bombs fall onto the collage of smiling portraits, leaving only a black crater in their wake!

And we’re the intolerant bigots?

Of course we realize that the people behind the website have no intention of actually bombing families. But what it does make clear is what has been saying for years:

Very influential, well-funded people are trying to destroy the traditional family.

Anti-family groups, organizations, and individuals have made it their mission to completely deconstruct the family, giving it a subjective meaning that can be molded and warped to an individual’s liking. The result is not a new type of family, but the destruction of family, the bedrock of civilization, altogether.

Perhaps no institution has done more to further this destruction than Hollywood.

In early August, actress Jennifer Aniston revealed her opposition to the conventional family, asking, “What is it that defines a family? It isn’t necessarily the traditional mother, father, two children and a dog named Spot.” Aniston even claimed that fathers aren’t necessary, and that women “don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child,” as though men are merely toys which may or may not be used as instruments for childbearing.

Moreover, the recently released film, “The Kids Are All Right,” starring Julianne Moore and Annette Bening, attempts to give normalcy to a lesbian-headed “family,” where the children were conceived with the help of a sperm donor. The title (and the whole film) is meant to suggest that such a lifestyle is perfectly natural and harmless.

The anti-family movement has certainly made progress over the past few decades, and Hollywood has been the perfect vehicle to spread its propaganda.

You can watch big bombs destroy the traditional family (I guess that includes single parents because a few of them are pictured) by clicking on the red letters above or by going here:


  1. Terri Sanders says:

    Thank u Chris for this heads up. As a mother who has raised my son as a single mother for most his life, I had Godly parents who stepped up to help me give him the feel of a God intended family. I thank God for them. As I now strive with my husband to truly be a traditional family, I can’t imagine for one second taking that lightly or as a joke. Its so sad to see that the world no longer values the most important link in our society. No wonder children are no longer seen as a gift and respect for your parents no longer a key teaching.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Terri,

      You’re welcome. And thank you, Terri, for the work you do with young mothers and fathers to help them have the family with which God would be pleased. We miss you at the center, but please take as much time as you are allowed to get to know that beautiful gift God has given you (Terri is a new mom for those of you who don’t know.)

      Your last sentence is, I think, a good assessment. I guess we just ask God to help us do the best we can with our kids, and pray for those around us who no longer think they need God’s help.

      Please give little Draygan a big kiss for me.

      God’s blessings…

  2. C-Rey says:

    It is very difficult to raise a child in a single parent family. That is why I take my son to Church, regularly, and spend time teaching him about his Heavenly Father ( he began learning the story of “old man Job” as a two year old). I let him know that to grow up loving God and keeping Jesus in his heart always, that when he is older he should love his wife and always take care of his wife and children. I let him know that he will be a good man if he keeps the love of the Lord. My prayer for him is that he will always love Jesus and then in turn be a loving and kind father in some day raising his own children.

    P.S. His Church family provides for him a good and positive male role model. As far as discipline, I remind him that even Jesus Christ listened to his mother. Overall, I believe instilling the love of God and Jesus in his little heart is helping him to be a loving young man. That installation has come through his own personal trials and by witnessing examples of his parent loving the Lord.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you so much for sharing, Claudia.

      Your son is very fortunate. I wish all single parents could read your comments. I think it might encourage them to lead a life pleasing to the Lord, and to find a good Church family to help provide the same support you have found.

      May God continue to bless your efforts.

  3. John Beal says:

    Yikes! If indeed there are real human beings who truly are against families and advocate it in video games, take heart that they are the extreme and poorly funded minority. Other than the weirdos, nobody is against the mother/father/children family. The alternatives to this kind of family such as mother OR father, mother/mother, father/father, aunt/uncle, grandparent, adopted or whatever are not against you. You are against… well at least the same sex parents. Gays and lesbians are not organizing to interfere with your family or marriage. It’s the other way around. Have your family the way you want it and gays and lesbians will leave you alone about it. I only wish same sex parents were so lucky.

    If you indeed find one single person on planet Earth or elsewhere who actually believes that a mother and a father raising children is a bad thing, I will oppose them. I support mother/father/children families as much as any other.

    I won’t speak on Jennifer Aniston’s behalf, but while children need as much care and nurturing from the parents as possible, if one is not available, a substitute for the biological parent can work very very well. In some cases it’s best a particular parent is NOT around and is substituted for someone more fitting to raise a child.

    Don’t interfere with our families and… heck, BECAUSE we don’t interfere with yours.

    • Chris says:

      Hi John,

      I hope you are correct. I hope that those who wish to destroy mother/father/children families are the extreme and poorly funded. This game, where such families are “targeted” by bombs, is shocking. If such a thing were found anywhere on the internet targeting same sex parents, there would be such an outcry that it would be removed immediately.

      I am against same sex marriage because it is clear that God is against it. At the same time, I would never use a game like this one to “bomb” same sex marriages.

      I believe that God made us to be man and wife. I am not attemting to interfere with your families because of a personal agenda. I only hope to keep our children from being influenced by the same sex lifestyle. How could I do otherwise?

      Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I don’t have concern for you. I think same sex marriages are relationships of bondage and not of freedom. The Bible is clear on the topic of the homosexual lifestyle. It is a sin. Sin puts us in bondage. When we choose a lifestyle of sin, be it adultery, theft, fornication, lying, etc., we are choosing to disregard God’s Word. It is God’s Word that sets us free.

      It is God’s Word with which I can’t interfere.

      God’s blessings…

      • Chris says:

        As noted at the top of this post, I am now aware that the target and bomb have been changed to a baby bottle and a baby. I was not aware of this at the time I made the reply above.

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