The letter that I’ve printed below is interesting on a number of levels.  Because there’s only a few weeks left for folks to register to vote, I chose to focus on that part of the letter.

I was walking through a church fellowship hall the other day (not my own church) and my eyes happened to notice a letter from a young lady who lives in Uganda.  Evidently, the church sends funding to support the young lady’s education and there is correspondence.

There was a picture of the young teenager next to the letter.

The letter was written by the young lady, in English handwriting, with an obvious concern for neatness.

Enjoy and, if you aren’t, get registered.

By the way; Tuesday is the day school board elections are being held.  I am endorsing Graham McCullough for the Hot Springs School Board.

Chris Reimers

Hello my sponsors,

I’m so glad to write to you again.  So far away from me, but I pray for you always and wish the best for you in your life.

Can you imagine how God does wonders; I am just growing taller without even realizing it.  I now think, talk, and even conduct myself differently from the way I used to Have you experienced this too?

(The young lady goes on to tell of a change in her schooling situation that has created new challenges.)

I know through prayers and by the grace of God, I’ll get used to the (changes).

The government is encouraging people to register for voting.  I can’t vote because I am 16 years old.  They allow voters 18 and older here. Is it the same there?

Are you interested in voting?

Please continue praying for me to work harder because I’m also working hard and praying for you in every situation.

Thank you for your prayers and for loving me.

From your daughter,


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