Photo of The Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens/by Paul and Christa

Two years ago, I walked through district 6 talking to folks about the opportunity they had to elect someone new to represent them on the Hot Springs Board of Directors.  Quite a few folks worked very hard to help get Ken Carney elected.  Unfortunately, Ken lost by 130 or so votes.

During my walk, more than one lifelong resident of Hot Springs told me that Hot Springs had always been corrupt and that it was useless to try and change the fact.

I didn’t have proof that city leaders were corrupt, but friends shared stories of questionable activities with me, and I observed, firsthand, how the local newspaper seemed very slanted.

I haven’t done as much walking as I did two years ago, but city and county residents have some interesting choices this year.  There is more competition this year than ever before.  I think that is a good thing.

I was at the Election Commission building for early voting throughout the entire election two years ago.  I was there only twice this year.  Never did I see so many candidates and sign wavers two years ago as I did in one visit this year.

Both the City Council and the Quorum Court may have different “faces” in a few days.  I think that would be a very good thing.

Chris Reimers (A signature identifying editorial authors is something I expect to see in every publication.  You won’t find one in the local newspaper when the subject is something important.)

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