Egypt PM to Visit Gaza in Support of Hamas Against Israel

Photo by watchsmart

This is the latest story I could find out of the “new” Israeli conflict as I make this post.

The story reminds me of a Biblical prophecy.  It is from the book of Ezekiel and goes like this:

“Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will bring a sword upon thee, and cut off man and beast out of thee.

“And the land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste; and they shall know that I am the lord; because he hath said, The river is mine, and I have made it.

“Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the tower of Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia.

“No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years.”

-Ezekiel 29: 8-11

Has there ever been a time in Egypt’s history when it was not inhabited?  I don’t know of such a time.  So, unless I am ignorant of a historical fact, the prophecy is futuristic.  Will the current conflict lead to such an “event?”  Only time will tell.


2 Responses to Egypt PM to Visit Gaza in Support of Hamas Against Israel

  1. Mannyr says:

    I am reminded of the six day war in which Israel took out 1500 tanks from Egypt. 2500 from Syria and also Jordan. How short their memories are.

    • Chris says:

      God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob iw an everlasting covenant. How man thinks he can undo such a thing is beyond me. Israel will not be removed from the land God has given them. Frankly, I don’t understand how folks can’t see the miracle of Israel. The six day war that you’ve noted, Manny, is one of so many evidences of God’s protective hand. Their memories are short. I, for one, am glad I haven’t been brainwashed to fight against them.

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