Keith Thompson has done it again.  This brilliant, young, documentary film maker has dealt with a subject that needs exposure.  I highly recommend his film.  You may have to take it in bits but the Word of Faith Movement is nothing new and has influenced too many for too many years.


“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them” (Romans 16:17)


  1. Mannyr says:

    This is much needed, it is lengthy but speaks volumes about this bunch. It is amazing how far from Scripture these folks are. Deception is very powerful, but the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God will always point out deception to those who seek the truth.

    2 Tim 3:1-9; also verse 16. The same old lies just a newer package. The disregard for Scripture is heretical. Thanks Chris.

    • Chris says:

      You’re welcome, Manny. I thought the same thing…It’s the same lie that Satan tried in the garden and again when tempting Jesus. I know some of these “folks” are very popular among certain Christians. Hopefully, Keith’s film will make a difference. I was surprised at the few views on such a well-made production. Young Mr. Thompson must have spent hours putting this together. Hopefully, in time, more will see this fine documentary.

      You have an excellent point. Why do they bother to talk about Jesus? I think greed is one of motives behind the use of our Savior’s name. They appear to be able to save themselves.

      God’s blessings my friend…

  2. Mannyr says:

    P.S if we are able to be gods why would we need a savior?

  3. M'Kayla says:

    The reason for an anointing and the reason for manna are not the same. But he groups them together to make his point. Does no one question this man?

    • Chris says:

      Welcome to the Wings of the Wind, M’Kayla.

      I think you are referring to Bill Johnson.

      Not only do you and I disagree with his theology, the two links above yours are posted by a young lady who is very critical of Mr. Johnson. There are others. Here is a quote and a link to another who questions:

      “Yesterday, I was rebuked by several Christians for exposing the false doctrine being taught by Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church. This minister teaches the heresy Jesus became an unholy sinner on the cross by accepting the nature of Satan, died spiritually, suffered in hell for three days for our sins, and had to be born again when He resurrected from the dead.”


      Will you give me the times of the sections of the video to which you refer? That way I can watch to better understand your point.

      I hope you have a great day and may God bless you…

      I think the work you are doing is outstanding.

  4. i need a transcript i have a friend with limited internet access

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jonathan and welcome to the Wings of the Wind.

      At present, I’m not aware that such a transcript exists. I will spend some time later today looking for it. I will let you know here whether I could or couldn’t find it.

      God’s blessings…

  5. Chris says:

    Hi again, Jonathan.

    I went to Keith’s You Tube site and I couldn’t ask him a question because I have forgotten my password. You tube has not sent me a password change email as they said they would, so I’ll have to try and plug in all of the passwords that I have used.
    I have had email correspondence with Keith Thompson. I looked back through my emails and I must have erased his.
    At this point, I can’t help you…..yet. If I figure out that password or find another avenue to find a transcript, I will post it here.

    God’s blessings…

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