Photo from ICR's website

Photo from ICR’s website

“Applying the lessons of Genesis, including its teaching that all humans are created equal in God’s sight, would have spared America two agonizing tragedies: race-based slavery and the human slaughter of its civil war.”

This is a quote from a very interesting article written by James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D. in a recent Institute for Creation Research publication HERE.

I have read the article three times and I am going to read it a fourth.  I think the author offers a very interesting thesis.  Read the article and let me know what you think.



  1. Mannyr says:

    This is a thought provoking article. One of the main thoughts would be the horror, maiming and killing of men because “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” Therefore, with no reverence for God there is no reverence for people who are created in His image. President Lincoln took our nation to civil war over slavery, which had been tolerated since the inception of our nation.
    We all remember the grandiose words of our constitution, but did the founders really believe and live out these sacred premises? It is and always will be a horrendous sin to ruin a person’s life with slavery.
    In my opinion, there will always be godless men who have no regard for the true and living God and thus no regard for his fellow man. The Bible teaches all who would listen and learn that from Cain who killed Able the seeds of the serpent will always bring about the murderous thoughts and intents of a wicked heart toward fellow man. The unrighteous man will always desire to enslave a people who are considered less learned and still evolving at an extremely slow pace compared to the “enlightened folk” who would consider them chattel to be put upon.
    It is painfully evident that Darwinist’s (“enlightened intellectuals”) are folks who consider the Bible as myth and offer their own nature worship (The Father of Deism) where their god went on vacation after creating the universe as if he needed to rest and left the care and consideration of earth to the goo from the zoo to find its way to dry land and evolve into man. Men worshipping creation rather than the creator.
    “I will color the way I want in my coloring book, don’t tell me the lines are my friend.”
    The central question of this article is: “The practical question, then, for any society is this: When people assertively reject the truth and morals God has provided in Scripture, why should they expect God’s providential blessings, rather than tragic and cursed outcomes?”
    The answer is what you say often: “How can God bless a nation that has turned its back on Him?”

    • Chris says:

      I’m glad you read the article, Manny. The author has some interesting thoughts and conclusions. Thanks for sharing your take on it.

      As you have stated, the followers of Darwinism “consider the Bible as myth.” Well, I don’t and I know you don’t believe that it is a myth. I like (or dislike) the words that you have used from the great letter to the Romans: “Men worshipping the creation rather than the creator.” It is a hopeless error!

      I believe, like you do, that God spoke and it happened. I believe that the book of Genesis is an accurate account of creation. The goo in the zoo was designed by a loving God who did not leave as soon as the job was done. He is with us through His Holy Spirit. He loves us unconditionally. What a great and personal Creator we can know! He listens to our prayers even if they are infrequent and incomplete.

      I agree with the author. If we listen to scripture, with this idea that all are created equal in God’s sight, it is very possible that tragedy can be avoided. Race-based slavery and the American civil war are only two of many instances where man wandered from the truth and the results were catastrophic.

      I always enjoy your comments my friend.

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