Photo from LifeNews.com

Photo from LifeNews.com

How about “commiseration” instead of “administration?”   That’s the word I feel for any youngster who ends up perusing this website. This is where you can see the taxpayer-funded site.  Lots of awards have been given to the HHS “tool.”  It kind of reminds me of this award. This article and this article will tell you some of the ungodly stuff you’ll find on the website just in case you don’t want to have to search it yourself.

I must continue to ask: “How can God bless a nation that has turned its back on Him?”



  1. Mannyr says:

    Thanks for the info Chris. To quote this gross overstepping of big brother,“The website also provides information to parents and educators to help them teach girls about healthy living,” the site states. “Our tagline is ‘Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You. Beautiful. It focuses on the idea that being yourself — finding what makes you smile and how to live well — is what makes you ‘you.’ And that is beautiful!”

    This is the old line of baloney given to a people who have no time for God and His ways.Just do this and you will be happy. Just have sex at nine and be sure to use contraception. And if you should forget and not get around to dealing with the result of your quest for happiness you can always visit our government sponsored Abortion on demand centers. We practice a sanitized murder of little consequence to you and your quest for self identity.

    Beware of strangers bearing gifts. Hitler believed in pro-choice.Who is Hitler little girl?

    • Chris says:

      You are welcome, Manny.

      I always appreciate your comments.

      Hitler killed 6 million Jews. There is no question that he was a very evil man. We make him look like a boy scout. We have allowed at least 50 million babies to be destroyed in their mother’s wombs.

      If one compares the 1.5 million that have been killed in all of America’s wars, it is nothing compared to the number of babies that have been killed before they ever had a chance to see the light of day. The numbers equal the amount of those whom Stalin killed, according to some of the numbers I’ve read. And they were his own people.

      The sad thing is that we are not done yet. The battle goes on and it appears that we are losing.

      Our Supreme Court calls abortion “fetal demise.” Is this supposed to make it sound less violent?

      We are living in evil days and I don’t see things improving.

      We must stay close to the power in God’s Word.

      God’s blessings, my friend…

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