I had the great pleasure to “talk” to a few of my students from over 30 years ago when I was teaching in San Francisco, California. I remembered each of them and, happily, they remembered me. It was a short but very sweet conversation over Facebook. I don’t remember them because I taught them in my first years of teaching. I remember them because they were special young people and it appears that hasn’t changed (except for their ages.) I enjoyed connecting with Tim, Martha, Ernest, and Dorothy again.

If you saw THIS POST, you will see that I’m organizing a peaceful demonstration in Hot Springs, Arkansas in April. You can CLICK HERE to listen to my friend in California explain why. All are welcome to my protest.

HOW DID WE GET HERE states that there is scientific evidence that evolution is “operationally impossible” (a scientific term).

I put up a post about the dating of the writing of the book of REVELATION HERE.

HOW TO BE A BAD MOTHER IN NORWAY explains that, according to Norwegian society, it is almost impossible to be a good Mom. It is an interesting article from a young lady living in Norway and posted on “Frog in the Fjord.”

Oh, and if you wish to worship God right there at your computer, please listen and sing along with the post called “Holy, Holy, Holy.” This was my favorite hymn as a child and still is.

God’s blessings to each of you.

Chris Reimers

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