The Dangerously Influential Gospel of Tim Keller

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Tim Keller
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If you have any questions about false teachers in today’s world, one of the best places to go is my friend Sherryn’s “The Narrowing Path” blog. Here is only one of the excellent articles found on her front page. You will always find her blog listed in my blogroll.

The Narrowing Path

There are some very serious issues raised here about Dr Keller, whose recent teachings, and practices within his church, are increasingly difficult to defend in light of the Scriptures. I am saddened to see yet another minister leave the narrow path and head down the emergent road to Rome. It is all the more serious when it is someone so influential in conservative circles.


Dr. Paul M. Elliott of Teaching the Word Ministries:

Part 1. Tim Keller: Dangerously Influential

Part 2. Tim Keller’s Gutless ‘Gospel’

Part 3. Tim Keller’s False Gospel: Changing Both the Method and the Message

Part 4 Tim Keller’s False Gospel: A ‘Sandwich’ Made Without the Bread of Life

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Keller’s theistic evolution

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