Letter to Ms. Solveig Horne, Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality

Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality Photo from no.wikipedia.org

Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality
Photo from no.wikipedia.org

This letter was posted to Ms. Solveig Horne’s Facebook page today:

Ms. Solveig Horne,

I have seen your photo on several websites and blogs. I must be honest. Several months ago, I hadn’t ever seen or heard of you. Now, when I see your face, I think of little children. I think of children who are taken from their parents for the most minor of reasons. I think of Norway’s Barnevernet.

I don’t have to tell you that most of the world disagrees with the policies of the BV. You already know that. You also are aware of the news that the Bodnariu’s will be returned to their family if you do not appeal the decision. I know you already know what you will do. You will probably not appeal and allow the embarrassment of the situation to subside. If you appeal you know the world will be angry.

I, for one, will not go away no matter which decision you make about how the CPS will now treat the Bodnariu family. Will there be an apology sent for keeping children from their parents for months? You have been hoping the masses will go away. You wish them to go nicely back to their homes and have no more demonstrations in the streets.

I will tell you this.

There will be another demonstration in my town. I know because I will organize it. All of the signs we have except one we can reuse because they had the BV name on them and not the Bodnariu name as someone had foresight. My goal will be to have more people at the next protest in my town than we had in April. I hope to have better media coverage. I will have more time to plan it than I did the previous one. I will pick a date for this protest in the next few months.

“Why am I going to do this?” some may ask. My response will be: “The Bodnariu family was one of thousands and we must not forget those thousands who have been treated just like the Bodnarius. One family has been freed but a system that denies human rights and due process to families continues to operate as if nothing has happened. I cannot be silent.”

This will be my true reply, Ms. Horne. I hope someday that your policies will be changed and that people in Norway can go back to a life where they don’t always have to be concerned about a principal, a neighbor, a teacher, a pastor, a “friend,” or anyone making a statement about a family that starts a process where the children are never able to spend any time with their parents without the intruding eyes and presence of the Barnevernet until they are 18.

Chris Reimers

A very concerned American citizen

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