The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment by C.S. Lewis Doodle

(It is May of 2021. Someone has come here to see this video and it has been removed from YouTube as far as I know.  I even checked the CSLewisDoodle You Tube page and did not see it. If someone finds this video, I would appreciate if you would leave the link in the comment section.  I have found a written copy of it here.  Could it be that the video was different from Lewis’s original words?  It is possible that it was and maybe that is the reason it was taken down.  I’ve read the written version and there are parts I don’t remember but it was five years ago so I really don’t know. -cr)

There was one of those moments the other day. You know…one of those moments when you see something that you consider so brilliant that you know that you will have to see it again and again. This is the way we should feel about our Bibles. It is God’s Word after all.

However, every once in a while God becomes evident through a man or woman. Someone has so much talent, even if it is for a brief moment, that one has to look at the talent in awe. I’m sure you have all had this experience based on your interests. I’m sure you have all had this experience of yourself. You do something and you can’t believe you did it. Maybe you have never had this experience. It doesn’t make you a less talented person only perhaps very humble.

I had an experience like this when I first read a sermon by Charles Spurgeon. Where does man get such ability to work words together and give you a picture of heaven? This is not the sterile heaven portrayed in so much of our media.

I first saw this effort by C.S. Lewis after someone posted it to Face Book.  It looked interesting. By the end of the 19 or so minutes it had happened. It was one of those times. It was brilliant. I didn’t get the name of the man who posted this work of art and probably should have.

Most visual persons would be even more impressed because of the artwork done with Mr. Lewis’s thoughts. The drawings capture the ideas that Mr. Lewis is stating very nicely.

Ever heard of a discernment site? That is a website designed to help people discern the truth from lies. The Narrowing Path by Sherryn, located in my blogroll is an example of an excellent Christian discernment site. Always the curious one, I was reading what one of these discernment sites said about C.S. Lewis. It gave a couple of his quotes and called him a “heretic.” I did some checking and it seems that Lewis did hold some questionable views, but was he a heretic?

How could a heretic write a book like “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?” I have read “The Screwtape Letters” by Mr. Lewis. It didn’t take long to see that this discernment site may have been a bit off. I suppose it is a study for another time and if I don’t get to it, I guess God will make the determination in the end.
Until that time, I will enjoy the C.S. Lewis doodles.


14 Responses to The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment by C.S. Lewis Doodle

  1. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Chris, this is an excellent plea for retributive justice, beautifully expressed and wonderfully reasoned through. The amazing thing is that someone with such gifts may still not grasp the Gospel. I’m not saying this is true of C.S. though people maintain that he denied several essentials, placing his private judgement over God’s Word. I agree with you that we need to leave him in the Lord’s hands.

    The name a gentle iconoclast comes from my conviction that we must obey the Lord not to make images of Jesus Christ and I have posted about this. Your observations about this name were really interesting. Thank you for your fellowship! Yes and Amen that we are all growing as He finishes the good work He began in us!

    • Chris says:

      “The amazing thing is that someone with such gifts may still not grasp the Gospel.”

      Although I was very impressed with his brilliance, in the end I have to admit that you are correct on this point, Maria.

      I must add that just because someone attains great popularity through brilliance or manipulation doesn’t mean one is saved. Look at so many of our modern very popular “men of God” who have become powerful through teaching a wrong gospel. They are not near as brilliant as Mr. Lewis in logic and not even close to Mr. Spurgeon in Theology.

      “I agree with you that we need to leave him in the Lord’s hands.”

      I’m glad. And you helped me to remember issues that I really never researched as I dropped them for no good reason other than lack of time.

      I’ll admit that I have been dealing with a subject that involves this very issue and, when I saw how well this was reasoned, I was in awe for a bit. I like logic, am not that great at it, and am very impressed. However, faith trumps logic every time when it comes to God’s word. There are mysteries taught in the Word that are true and that can’t be explained by logic. The Trinity would be one example.

      I have also enjoyed the fellowship. Isn’t wonderful that we can have it through this modern technology that is also used for many bad things.

      I am sure that, if we never meet in this world, our fellowship will continue in heaven someday.


      • Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

        We’re to love the Lord with all our mind too. You may be more logical in your thinking than you know. It is a good thing unless we’re proud. Paul reasoned well – to say nothing of the Lord’s mind – He is perfect in every way – think of his answers to the Pharisees and rulers.
        About fellowship in eternity – yes!

      • Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

        Chris, here are two tag links. Our church used Priscilla Shirer’s book on discerning the voice of God. I checked on her ministry and the posts on the second link are the result.

        Right now I’m reading Lighthouse Trails novel Castles in the Sand – the heroine is introduced to Contemplative Spirituality Mysticism. Maybe I will do a review.

        Got to get some sleep… in the Eastern time zone.

        Once again Lord bless you! Will go to your archives!

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for the links, Maria. I rely quite heavily on Lighthouse Trails myself. I didn’t even know they had such novels. Sleep well. 🙂

    • Chris says:

      I definitely need to get over to your blog and read some of your posts, Maria. As far as I can tell you match your name quite well with that definition. Your definition makes sense particularly with your blog called “Pilgrim’s Progress revisited-a former Catholic on the narrow way.” I am aware of some of the images that you were exposed to within Catholicism. May I ask, as I didn’t see a search box on your blog and am curious: “Have you dealt with a subject that is a problem today within both Protestantism and Catholicism, namely Contemplative Prayer?” If you have, I know you can find it better than I. If you have commented on Contemplative Prayer, will share the link with me?

      • Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

        My blog has changed to offering things to others, rarely teaching, occasional personal history. I’m a church history person roo. I will look for a link about CSM. All my widgets are at the bottom. Will be back with a link.

  2. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    p.s., the doodle was incredible.

    • Chris says:

      I think anyone who enjoys logic and is looking for answers on this subject will say the same, unless they have a serious disagreement with the logic which could happen for a number of reasons.

  3. Lichelord Godfrey says:

    It was removed due to copyright issues that arose after the audio book company the creator worked with was bought out by another who did not extend the fair use as the previous owners did. You can find this in their community tab of their profile, but here is a direct link to their post explaining it all:

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