Should Christians be Freemasons?

The topic of Freemasonry is mentioned in so many places today, including many videos on YouTube where it is often connected with Satanism. Walter Martin connects freemason sources with occultist symbols and fallacious beliefs in this interview with a former freemason.

Walter Martin died in June of 1989. He is still well known for his understanding of Christian theology.

In this discussion, Walter Martin talks with a former Christian freemason who admits that he did not know of certain freemason doctrines. Walter Martin did not think that Christians should be freemasons. The former freemason in this interview is very honest as Walter asks questions. Even though this interview is a bit old, I think it gives a good view of some Masonic views.

This interview is one good source to help show Christians that masonry should be avoided. Christians should not join themselves to freemasonry.


2 Responses to Should Christians be Freemasons?

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Good ol’ Dr. Martin!

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