The Strasbourg Offensive…December 7th, 2019

Tor Åge Berglid is a man on a mission with a team of other like-minded people making protests all over the world. He is a Norwegian who has been very active in the attempt to publicize the horrible actions of his country’s “Child Protection Service.” Called the Barnevernet, the Norwegian CPS is government funded (like those of most countries), and it can be very cruel. It is not unusual for the Barnevernet to steal children from their parents in Norway.

Tor’s main goal is to unite people and he believes that “the focus is to lift other people up and tell them that their voices are important, to join into this question about what constitutes family life. Is God’s idea of family life better than the state’s attempt to do a better job?”

Recently, Tor and others represented those who are sick and tired of families being destroyed by the Barnevernet. In a national T.V. debate, he went head to head with the Norwegian Minister for Children and two other “important” Norwegian officials. Many, including me, were pleased with his effort.
Here is a short clip in Norwegian where one can get a sense of Tor’s passion:

Unfortunately, too many people in Norway are afraid to speak out. The percentage of those unaware of the problem is hard to figure since the government propaganda machine constantly spews out words of wonder about its child care system among other things. Advertisements encouraging people to become foster parents make the job look easy and lucrative. The propaganda drowns out the voices attempting to share the reality of the situation.

After having the recent privilege of speaking to and messaging Tor, I informed him that I would do my best to share my views on these developments as a Christian. John 1:5 states: “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” In this verse, the light is referring to Jesus Christ. According to the Bible (the book of Acts) “there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

Knowing these truths, and that Christianity once held great influence in Norway, it is sad to “hear” mostly silence from “Christian” leaders and pastors in response to such tragic human rights offences.

God is a righteous entity who loves his creation. He is an advocate for the helpless and hurting. One day, all the cruelty that man has dished out will be exposed. Those who have asked for forgiveness will have been forgiven. Those who “did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind..” (Romans 1:28)

Tor’s statement is evidence that there are people in Norway who know what is happening and still care. They want transparency. I am in contact with others like him. They are still in the fight. They have not given up in spite of the fact that the current against them is strong.

Norway’s recent record at the The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR or ECtHR) is not good. They have been spanked more than once for human rights violations. More cases are currently pending at the court in Strasbourg, France.

What is Norway’s response? It appears that a new batch of laws dealing with “the Welfare of Children” is being worked on. My current understanding (from what I believe to be very good sources) is that the new laws will only make things worse.

I have come to the same conclusion as Steven Bennett, the British writer who published “Stolen Childhood: The truth about Norway’s child welfare system.” Steven, a Christian, believes that the system needs to be completely dismantled and restarted with new founding principles that really stand for the rights of every child.

See book description HERE.

It can be argued that the first institution created by God was the family. Norway, though a recent focus for very good reason, is a reflection of what is happening to the family in much of the world. It appears that evil forces are out to destroy that which God has created. One need look no further than recent laws passed by the Supreme Court of the country where this blog originates, America. The family has been redefined to mean just about whatever someone wants it to be. Sadly, this problem is increasing throughout Europe and the current beachhead there is now in Strasbourg, France at the EHRC, where the cases brought forward will test humanity in the consideration of how much power the state should have in family life.

I agree with Tor and Gro Hillestad Thune (who wrote the forward to Steven Bennett’s book) that the state should let the parents do the parenting unless intervention is absolutely necessary, and even then with caution.

I admire people who are willing to stand up for those suffering at the hands of those with unbridled power. May God bless Tor and those like him who have invested in the lives of families.

Please pray for those who are involved in organizing and raising awareness that the family is in crisis in much of the world. You may not be able to make it to an event but your prayers can be very powerful. We saw evidence of that in the Worldwide protests that took place in 2016.

“…let justice roll down like waters And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” (Amos 5:24)

Chris Reimers

This video is only the tip of the iceberg:

3 Responses to The Strasbourg Offensive…December 7th, 2019

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Good for him for speaking out

  2. I want to be informed that it is NOT only because of the fear of government employees’ misuse of power that the Norwegian people dare not say what they mean, stand up and give the child welfare victims a face, it is also for the fear of some of them that are most prominent in the child-critical environment in Norway.If you do not share their opinions and say to these what one disagrees with, one risks being labeled as one and the other ..
    Take Rune Fardal, for example, he actually let a parent couple be interviewed via his Facebook page / Facebook channel, where this father had been convicted 6 months earlier for raping his children physically and mentally. This was made known to Rune Fardal. before conducting this interview, but he then chose to aliquot allow this convicted father to freely defend, excuse and explain his actions. Rune Fardal did not ask Dad A ONLY question regarding this verdict.
    This does NOT create a credible and good picture of the child-critical environment.

    I can also mention #DrammenSaken (as it is called in the child-critical environment.) Where a mother makes false gross accusations against the father of her children and her divorced then divorced husband, where the allegations are that father in the first place has sexually abused looking at their youngest 2-3 year old daughter and the family dog ​​(the dog is the size of a Chihua hua.) where the couple’s then 15 year old daughter even answered a clear NO to the questions if she had been subjected to father’s abuse.
    From August 2018 to January 2019, this had suddenly changed to the fact that this eldest daughter should have been baptized and subjected to the most serious sexual acts of her father.
    This mother pushes the oldest daughter in front of her by exposing her as a victim and in this way getting sympathy and support from people.
    Mother produces fake sms and pm’s of dialogue between 2 case workers in the child welfare service, and then can use these as “confirmation” of her lies and claims ..

    In these 2 examples, there have been some who have asked the critical questions, been skeptical and requested documentation regarding the claims, accusations and actions they make.
    Ken Joar is one of those who has dared to confront these and more, and we can all see what an insane sword campaign he has had to face this from these and their supporters!
    Yes child welfare does a lot of wrong and this MUST be done and changed, and unfortunately there are also children in Norway who need a child welfare and can NOT live with their loved ones and loved ones.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for sharing this information, visaversa. What you have shared just reinforces my thoughts that we really need to be aware of the facts of any case before we use then as an indictment against the Barnvernet. There are enough tragic cases like Ken’s that we don’t need to reinforce terrible parental behavior.

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