March 25, 2016

I would like to thank George Pritchett for sending this to me. HERE is an article about this video. I have not really addressed the immigration problem on this blog and maybe a post or two will be dedicated to the subject in the future. This will have to do for now.

I have done a bit of checking on Ann Corcoran. Among other things, she is called a racist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is the group that calls the American Family Association a hate group. From what I know about the SPLC, Ann must be doing something right.

I had Muslim neighbors when I lived in San Francisco years ago. They seemed like nice people and even invited my wife and me to dinner in their home. We had an interesting discussion but disagreed on many things, including the true identity of Jesus Christ. The majority of Muslims are probably like those whom we met years ago. However, I know the difference between a Fundamentalist Christian and a Fundamentalist Muslim. Fundamentalist Christians will make decisions based on the words and actions of Jesus. Fundamentalist Muslims will make decisions based on the words and actions of Muhammad. This is where problems arise.

Few Christians have studied the life of Muhammad like Keith Thompson. He has debated Muslim scholars and here is his excellent documentary on Islam:

After studying Islam at length, here is Keith’s view of Muslim immigration:

(It is June 1, 2022.  Unfortunately, I cannot find this video on the internet any longer.)
Keith makes some good points here. I would like to add a few words to his. The end of our flag salute says “with liberty and justice for all.” Besides the veterans and the homeless, there are many who have come to this country to work. Many have been here for years and are not yet citizens. If there is to be justice then there should be no cutting in line at the water fountain. Those who have worked hard the longest should be the first in line for U.S. citizenship. If it were possible to determine which Syrians were Christians, would it be right to put them in front of those who have been here for years and have been productive and honest? I don’t think so. Our citizenship laws should be simple. They should allow for a reasonable annual amount of immigrants (reasonable meaning an amount that the country could assimilate without affecting the liberty of others) to be legally eligible for citizenship. Those selected should show themselves to worthy based on their time in line and their behavior. The reasonable annual amount might have to be adjusted each year according to what works.

Chris Reimers

Note: One can find out more about Ann Corcoran HERE.

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