What My Muslim Friends Believe and the Hajj 2012

October 27, 2012

Photo by Al Fassam
The Kaaba in Mecca

Yes, I have Muslim friends.  They think I am lost and I think they are lost.  Volumes have been written on the differences in Muslim and Christian beliefs.  I am going to focus on a major difference. It is a distinction that has implications that affect our world today.

First, I believe that many Muslims are peaceful.  If it were not true, how could it be that so many live among the Jews in Israel?

Second, they are not saved.  Their view of Jesus is too different from the Biblical view.

Third, there are many fanatics in all belief systems.  Unfortunately, Muslim fanatics are becoming a larger segment of the religion’s population.  I wouldn’t be offended if someone called me a “fanatic for Jesus.”  At the same time, I have no desire to kill anyone because of what they believe.  It is simply not compatible with Biblical teachings.

Many Muslim fanatics are very violent.  A large number want to see the Jewish people wiped from the face of the earth.  This brings me to the subject of this post.

Who did Abraham take into the “land of Moriah” to offer up as a sacrifice as God commanded?

According to the Bible, Abraham took Isaac (Gen. 22:2).  According to Islam, Abraham took Ishmael.

This difference is one reason for the turmoil in the Middle East.

You may see a Muslim view of the Abrahamic story here.

You may see a Christian view of the Abrahamic story here.

Today is the last day of the pilgrimage to Mecca in 2012 (Hajj).  This is why I am covering this subject.  If you are a Christian, please pray for the Muslims.  They need the true Savior.

Chris Reimers


June 10, 2010

Rabbis in Israel Discuss Property Rights

“The Rabbinical Council of Judea and Samaria issued a statement Thursday (June 3rd) in which it said that the results of the incident in which Israel intercepted a flotilla trying to break the naval blockade of Gaza seem like the Biblical description of ‘the beginning of the Gog and Magog process where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption.'”

The headline is a comment by a long-time Bible student, Gary Stearman.  The paragraph above is the reason for Gary’s statement.

The Rabbis are talking about the building of the Third Temple when they use the term “the third and final redemption.”  If you are not a Bible student and do not know why this statement is important, you should watch the following video – CR:


Media source:


A good source for information on the covenant that God made with the Jews:


The Latest New “Flotilla” info:

Great post by Prophecy in the News:


This one is written from “their” viewpoint.  It is informative.



June 7, 2010

Israeli Air Force Fuga aircrafts fly over the Mediterranean coast of Tel Aviv during a special military display for Israel's 60th Independence Day on May 8, 2008

I thought it could happen last summer.  It now seems this summer may be the time.  If either the EU or Iran use military force to aid “aid” ships to Gaza, there will be war.  Bible students know what this war could mean.

Reports state that both Iran and EU reps are saying that the “flotilla” event will not happen the same way again.

Israel is saying that it will defend itself.

It appears that many are pushing the little land that God gave the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, into war.

How much verbiage is rhetoric and how much gets acted upon remains.

I have a Christian friend who knows of a believer who is living and ministering in Israel.  The ministry is called “Love Without Boarders” and was started by one lady.  She is on the ground in Israel, so I would consider this information a primary source.  It is true that she is getting her information locally so one has to view it accordingly.  The information is dated June 6th.  I have put the intro at the end because a rearrangement puts material relating to my headline at the top.

Ron Kunath is the name of my Christian friend.  His email stated:

“This is a Prayer Letter from a dear Missionary friend I worked with for many years. Check out the Gaza Flotilla Video below…God bless….RK”

You can receive the ministry’s newsletter by going here:


Here is the Latest new “flotilla” info:

A great post by Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News:


This one is written from “their” view but is very informative.


I hope you find this as interesting as I did.  There is documentation at the very end.

Chris Reimers

Christian Friends of Israel,

Beginning of Gog and Magog? – Concerning the incident this week which is

trying to give Israel bad publicity the Rabbinical Council issued an unusual

statement “We are at the beginning of Gog and Magog process where the world

is against us at first, but which ends with the third and final redemption.”

Gaza Tunnels – An estimated 1,000 tunnels are in use to smuggle various

black market goods as well as drugs and weapons. Several thousand young men

and boys are employed in the tunnels. Workers are paid $20 a day, according

to Arab media. Some tunnel operators say children are more likely than

adults to work hard even for the lower wage.

Israeli Sub deployed – Israel has allegedly deployed a permanent submarine

presence in the Persian Gulf to keep an eye on Iran, according to  media

reports published Sunday. The three German-built submarines are reportedly

equipped with nuclear cruise missiles.

Syria Supports Hizbulla – Hizbullah terrorists are running weapons to

Lebanon from secret arms depots in Syria where the terrorists have been

accorded their own living quarters, arms storage site and a fleet of trucks,

Palestinians Boycott Israel – The Israel boycott by the Palestinian

Authority took on wider dimensions when Arabs burned two Arab stores for

allegedly doing business with Jews.

Hamas Refuses Flotilla Humanitarian Aid – Hamas continues to prevent the

transfer of the humanitarian aid which has been unloaded at the Kerem Shalom

crossing. The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories

(COGAT) will continue to work closely with international bodies and the

Palestinian Authority in order to organize the transfer of the goods into

the Gaza Strip.

More Gas and Possibly Oil found in Israel – According to the Globes

financial journal, the field has been discovered to be even larger than

previously thought. The field’s estimated size has grown several times as

more surveys are conducted.  Last year  Teshuva, originally said the gas

reserves could allow Israel to be self-sufficient in energy for two decades,

but now it seems that was a conservative estimate.  “The results indicate

that in addition to the gas, there are signs of oil at a greater depth. We

have turned Israel into a great energy power. Today is a holiday for every

citizen of Israel. It’s a day of joy,”  The offshore platform will be imported from the gulf of Mexico.

(I tried everything to increase the size of the next section to no avail. Use your control + and control – buttons, at the same time, to enlarge and decrease in size. -CR)


_ZQ==> Video – In regards the flotilla which was meant to bring humanitarian Aid to
Gaza, the following 5 minute video will give the explanation which most
people already know here in Israel.    Gaza Flotilla
L6h8iIS_ElgIrPVsxsF0MGTgnjO23YnBKqnwHwdwaY=>     Unfortunately, many people
in the West listen to their local media and believe what they are told.  The
Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved.  If we want to know the
truth we have to search for it and not just believe someone’s opinion.
Israel is in a Media and Public Relations war.  They have been attacked and
I have been attacked in standing for Israel.  After living here 11 years, I
have plenty to complain about concerning my treatment by people here in
Israel.  As a matter of fact I can’t even drive my car because of laws that
restrict foreigners, it’s unfair.  Though my natural instinct would be to
jump on the band wagon and criticize Israel, I have to look at all the
evidence and weigh out the matter fairly.  When I do that, I have no choice
but to tell you that Israel is doing what it can under intense scrutiny of
the World to protect it’s nation and people.  Again you don’t have to
believe what I or anyone else tells you, but before you judge please make
sure you have all the facts.  If you know the facts you should join us in
fighting the lies with the truth.  Our desire and prayer is that the truth
will prevail.

Radio – This week I interviewed Avi Lipkin who has written several books
concerning Israel’s situation and Islam.  His wife monitors Arab media and
thus exposes what is really happening that we in the West do not hear about.
To listen to the radio interview, please click here:  Avi Lipkin Interview
Lizzy helping with distribution

The number of Believers are growing in the Land due to the Love of Christ
being shown through the Body.  A local organization donated clothing to help
the poor in a Muslim village and we were the distributors.  We took material
such as the Jesus film and Bibles and with support money I bought food for 6
families. Thanks for being a part! We truly are workers together with
Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:9

A family of local Believers had their house burn down this week.  They had
no clothes for the kids so part of your donations went to help this family.
We will continue to help as we can.
Thank you for being a blessing!


Christians Helping Israel – Christian Friends of Israel had their 25th
Anniversary in Jerusalem.  This brought in over 600 visitors from 40
nations.  Directors Sharon and Ray Sanders continue to serve Israel and
invite volunteers to serve along with them.  www.cfijerusalem.org

Conference <http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs020/1103080520028/img/19.jpg>

Israel Update #12
Love Without Borders

June 6, 2010


Thanks for your prayers, the Lord answered and one of my co-workers returned
to Israel to continue helping with the work.

I met with the Ministry of Tourism this week to share some information and
thoughts so that Christians who are wanting to come to Israel can learn
more, meet the people and serve during their tour.  It was a productive
meeting and he invited me to take a desk at the Ministry of Tourism and work
from their office.  It would not be practical for me, but it was an honor to
be invited.  I will continue to work with him and others on staff so that we
can build a better understanding between Israel and Christians from abroad.

Israel is certainly a land of opportunity, but it is also a land of
opposition.  I guess that’s why we are told in 2 Timothy 2:3 You therefore
endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  We are in a battle,
wherever we are, but soldiers don’t quit in the middle of a battle.  (I
learned that from my dad who fought in both Korea and Viet Nam.) I believe
the Lord wants us to be doers of the Word, pray for one anther and continue

to move forward following and serving Him.

Related headlines:

Hamas welcomes EU proposal to monitor crossings


‘ Iranian ships won’t reach Gaza


If you need additional documentation, Google:

Hamas leader Salah Al-Bardawil welcomed statements by Spanish Minster of Foreign Affairs Miguel Ángel Moratinos


May 23, 2010

Russian S-300 missile-air defense system

Mr. Obama is scheduled to meet today (May 24) with Lebanese President Saad Hariri.  The US is stating “grave concerns” over Hezbollah’s buildup of arms in Southern Lebanon.  It is likely to be a topic during today’s discussion.  The following headline appeared yesterday:

Hizbullah arms of ‘grave concern’


The Israelis are sure to doubt any “grave concerns” because of  recent U.S. decisions.  The change of position on the S-300 is one of several Obama Administration policy changes that have caused the people of Israel to question American support.

An S-300 is a Russian made anti-aircraft battery.  It is capable of shooting down sophisticated multi-million dollar warplanes.

The Obama Administration has “made concessions,” agreeing not to ban the sale of Russian anti-aircraft batteries to Tehran.

The New York Times, a source that I can’t remember using previously, is reporting that:

“The concessions are the latest moves in President Obama’s effort to establish a fresh partnership with Russia after years of mutual suspicion.”

It goes on to state:

“The latest moves generated a fresh barrage of criticism from lawmakers and national security experts who said the administration was giving away too much and getting too little in return.”

Here’s the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/22/world/22sanctions.html

I think the headline in the DEBKAfile explains how most Israelis will view this event.  It reads:

Lifting US ban on Russia’s S-300s for Iran blows hole in Israel’s security

The article: http://www.debka.com/article/8802

There is no question that the unease of those living in Israel will intensify after another awful decision by the Obama Administration.  The following quote is no surprise:

“Military sources point out to debkafile, that Washington’s uneven and inconsistent approach to Iran and Syria make naught of the protestations made by President Obama and other US officials of their unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security.”

This decision by the Obama Administration has created more instability in a situation that is already way out of control.

Chris Reimers





May 20, 2010

Today is the day that the Christian Church had its beginning over 2000 years ago.  The story is told in Acts 2.  Most Christians consider it to be the “birthday” of the Church. It was on Shavuot (Pentecost) that God sent the Holy Spirit to those who believed that Jesus was the long awaited messiah.  God has impeccable timing.  The Holy Spirit was given on the anniversary of the giving of the commandments, laws from a loving God in an attempt to keep humankind from trouble.

Shavuot ends at nightfall tonight.

Here is typical sentiment about this holiday, found on a website written by a Jew:

“To my Jewish friends and readers, Chag Shavuot Sameach (a Happy Shavuot Holiday).  To everyone else, the holiday is basically, a celebration of G-d giving the Torah and the Ten Commandments to the Jewish people. On the holiday, men traditionally stay up all night, the first night, in Bible (Torah) study, and we eat dairy foods. Women can stay up all night, too, and some liberal Jewish women do.”

Happy Shavuot.  May the Spirit of Pentecost fill our lives.

Chris Reimers

More about Shavuot here:

Gary Stearman explains the observance of Pentecost (Christians will celebrate it this Sunday, May 23rd):


Wikipedia explanation of Shavuot (a good one – it must have been written by a Jew):


A view of Shavuot from a Christian Jew:


The story of Pentecost:

In a Bible near you (Acts chapter 2)


May 11, 2010

Medvedev Arrives in Syria

Checking Russian online news sources this morning, it took awhile to find the story. I don’t look at Russian online news very often, but it’s amazing how similar they look to mainline U.S. online news sources.

Once again, the gathering of this information was made easier by Christian news sources.  The secular news doesn’t understand how important these developments are.

Surprisingly, CBS had an online story about this meeting.  Was it was seen in the print or T.V. media?  It’s doubtful.

The CBS post entitled, “Russia Seeks Bigger Mideast Role, Via Syria,” had the following quotes:

“Russian diplomats said the long-stalled Mideast peace process, Iran’s nuclear program and bilateral arms trade between the two countries were expected to be key topics for the two-day visit, the first ever to Syria by any Russian or Soviet head of state.”

“Analysts say Moscow’s influence in the Middle East will in many ways depend on its relations with Syria, an increasingly important regional player with tight ties to Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which has its political headquarters in Damascus.

Russia, with the European Union, the United Nations and the United States, is a member of the international quartet for Middle East peace and has long sought to expand its clout in the region.”

“Medvedev’s visit comes amid reports that he he’ll honor a deal with Damascus for the sale of an advanced anti-aircraft defense system.”

“Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has personally flown to Moscow in the hope of preventing the weapons deal, but Medvedev would only agree to a delay, unwilling to cancel the deal. The Russian leader justified the sale by saying the weapons system is a defensive one, not an offensive one.”

“Syria has insisted that the promise of an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights be a precursor to any renewed peace negotiations between the two countries. Netanyahu has vehemently rejected the notion of a withdrawal.”

The complete article may be seen here:


Russian sources reported the following:

“”The situation in the Middle East is getting worse and an increase of tensions would be extremely dangerous,’ Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday during his visit to Syria.
“‘Any future flare-up of the Mideast situation is fraught with the danger of catastrophe,’ Medvedev said during a joint news conference with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

“‘I have personally emphasized that Russia will do everything possible to restore Mideast peace talks under the existing international legal base,’ he added. ‘The situation is deteriorating, becoming more complicated, and it negatively affects the general climate in the Middle East.'”

“The president said Russia was ready to make every effort and hold a Middle East peace conference in Moscow that would achieve “at least some intermediate results.”

“Syria’s main demand within the peace process is the return of the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967.”

“Al-Assad said his country was ready to negotiate on all issues as soon as the occupied territories are returned to Syria.”

“‘Syria cannot agree to a deal under which it gets back only a part of the occupied Syrian land,’ the president said.”

See the article here:


There you have it.  Neither side will make concessions on the issue of the Golan Heights.  Israel can’t be blamed.  If they were to give up the Heights, they would be giving up one of their most strategic positions.  It helps protect them from the north.  Any military man will tell you that you never give up the high ground.

Articles relating to these events and seen from different angles, can be found at the following site:


This story has many implications.  It’s only a matter of time to see what comes of it.

Chris Reimers


May 9, 2010

President Medvedev Meets With President Peres Yesterday

One of Yesterday’s headlines reads:

Poll: Obama has Lost Almost Half of his US Jewish Support

Less than a week ago, I wrote that I had always been surprised that 80% of Jewish Americans had voted for Barack Obama (see “comments” under RADICAL ISLAM IS ON THE MOVE). The same folks who discovered these surprising numbers now say that Mr. Obama has the support of only 4 in 10 American Jews.  What a difference in 18 months.

Here’s another headline from yesterday:

US sends Israel smart bombs to match Syrian missiles for Hizballah

Both of these headlines were found in Jewish news sources and were parroted in a few Christian websites.

Anyone who has been watching the Middle East knows that Hezbollah has been re-arming since its last confrontation with Israel in the summer of 2006.  The only difference is that now the terrorist group has more rockets.  Not only are they greater in numbers – U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has said “Hezbollah has more missiles than most governments”- they are reportedly more deadly and they have greater range.  The Israelis have been preparing for chemical attacks.

If the headline is true, if we are going to help Israel defend itself, it may change the way the Jews view Mr. Obama once again.  I’ve read story after story about the disappointment that American supporters of Israel have over certain actions or non-actions of the current American administration.

What would America do if a terrorist group were placing huge numbers of missiles in Mexico?  What if we knew they were aimed at American cities like San Diego and San Antonio and we thought that some of them may contain chemical weapons?

The answer is obvious.  Look at how our media has reacted to the intended car bombing in New York City.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is expected to visit Damascus in Syria today.  I wonder if it will get any coverage.  This is the same Damascus that the Bible predicts will suffer dire consequences some day.  Most of the missiles the terrorists in Southern Lebanon possess came through Syria compliments of the leaders of Iran.  I can’t wait to see how the Medvedev/Assad meeting goes.

Yesterday, Shimon Perez met with Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow.  He was representing Israel at a ceremony recognizing the defeat of the Nazis 65 years ago.

Israel could have sent a lower level dignitary to such an event.  The real reason that President Peres went to Moscow was to, once again, hold out the olive branch to those who are bent on Israel’s destruction.

Mr. Peres, sent a message to the President of Syria, Bashar Assad, stating that Israel did not want a confrontation with Syria.

Unbelievable.  The Israelis are offering peace once again.  It doesn’t take a genius to know the results.  The Syrians and Iranians will continue to support the terrorists.

How many Americans know what you’ve just read?

How many Americans know that the Chinese President and German Chancellor were also in Moscow and met with President Peres?

The answer: very few.

I watched several mainline news programs yesterday and these events were not mentioned.

I didn’t get the local paper, but I checked the Sentinel-Record front page online.  Not there.  Was it anywhere? Page 12A?  Maybe one of you can tell me.

I checked the online issue of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  Nothing visible enough that anyone would notice.

I googled “Medvedev meets with Peres” and several other possibilities that should have given me news about these events. A few articles about these important events came from two sources in Israel, one that is a very liberal source according to one of the readers of this blog.  The other sources were mostly Christian sources that watch the Middle East anticipating the eventual fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.

Where is the mainstream American media? They are where they normally are.  They are lost. The big story is still the attempted bombing in NYC.  Hillary Clinton talked about the “global threat” on 60 minutes last night in a story that was mostly about her. The interview with our Secretary of State followed a story about the New York City bomb scare.  The “global threat” statement she made neglected to mention Iran or Syria or Hezbollah.


Are the conspiracy theorists right?  Is the mainstream media spoon fed by elites who control what we are told?

I think there may be some truth to this because some deliverers of the message are elites themselves. However, it is not the main reason important stories don’t make the front page.

Most of those who report mainstream news do not believe what the Bible says.  To most of the mainstream media, the Bible is a collection of nice stories that attempt to teach us moral behavior.  They think it’s a book of fairy tales.

The Russian President, the Chinese President, the German Chancellor, and the Israeli President were all at the same place at the same time (Moscow) and I can’t find the news easily available anywhere in American mainline media sources.

The American media is self-absorbed.

The second biggest “global threat” is the one developing in the Middle East.  There is only one larger threat, but I can wait until next Monday to post information about it, I think.

Chris Reimers

Late breaking news – The BBC New just posted a report entitled:

First round of Mid-East indirect peace talks completed

This is the story that will probably hit the mainstream American newswires today.  George Mitchell is shuttling between representatives of Israel and the Palestinians.  I think that most people who have followed the relations between the two parties know the minute chances of something permanent coming from talks like these. – CR

The poll:


U.S. sends missiles:


Related articles:



The BBC story:


Christian website coverage of peace talks:


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