JD Farag’s and John Haller’s Prophecy Updates: 16/5/1

May 7, 2016

Although the Pre-Trib view is diminishing in popularity, it is alive and well. I am not dogmatic on the subject. I have posted this because I think it would be interesting even to those who don’t agree with JD’s Pre-Trib position. Israel is facing resistance from many different forces. This I believe is an indication that the Second Coming of Jesus is near. CR

I have listened to John and have never really gotten his take on a position regarding the rapture. He does a prophecy update weekly because, like JD Farag (and me), we are watching as Jesus asked us to do. CR

Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 10th, 2016

April 11, 2016

Pastor JD Farag is always interesting. I watch him because he has unique view of things because of his Arab heritage. He is an American Pastor living in Hawaii who does a weekly prophecy update. He is the only Calvary Chapel pastor I am currently listening to. He is a pre-trib believer who has made some very interesting and unique Biblical points about this idea over the years. Although the pre-trib rapture view is “growing old” to many, I seem to be leaning more that way all of the time. I’ll never be dogmatic about it or another view until it happens or unless the scriptures become clearer to me on the subject.

Pastor Farag makes some comments about Jeremiah here that are thought-provoking. If you are wondering, He has expressed his appreciation for this country many times. I have seen him get emotional about the thought that he might still be a Muslim if his family hadn’t moved to America. The Jeremiah section begins around 19:30.

This man has a pastor’s heart.


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