Another “picture” of God’s Word in nature is an Arkansas blueberry bush in July.  Like God’s Word, the bush can be returned to each morning and more is available.

It takes a bit of persistence to fill a bowl with blueberries.  This is rarely true of the Word.  One verse is enough to chew on for a day. After years, one feels the fruit barely picked.

Persistence with the Word creates fruit that is more satisfying than the ripest berry.

Blueberries “pop.”  One day they seem not even close.  The next they are showing their full colors.

The Word may have the same effect on its hearers.

Hearers may become doers.

Doers may delight.

Chris Reimers

A footnote:

The creation is not the Creator. The first verse of The Word makes it clear.

The creation is greatly appreciated, not worshiped.  Worship is reserved solely for the Great “I AM.”

Here are three articles about the recent G8 World Religions Summit where it seems, by a description of the opening ceremonies, that the enormous mistake was made.

A sacred fire was lit. Mother Earth, we were told, needs to hear that we love her, so give a “prayer of gratitude” to the Earth; “Because out of Mother Earth comes all we need to live…she gives us the food, the water, the medicines, and the teachings.”

We were asked to privately perform a water ritual, for this will give strength to Mother Earth. Everything that’s alive, “even the water” it was explained to the delegates and observers, has the spirit. We were told that religiously speaking, “there is not only one way, there is many ways” – and to go to the sacred fire and “invoke the spirits.”

Drummers summoned the power of the eagle spirit, because it brings “the spirit of love, it brings vision. The Eagle carries our wishes and our prayers.” And this eagle spirit will tell the Great Spirit of the wonderful things happening in this gathering.

The Secretary General of the WRS, Dr. James Christie – the Dean of Theology at the University of Winnipeg – welcomed us as religious equals, stating that what was important was that we “offer our service, and ourselves, and our lives” to the “God we know by so many names.”

25For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

Romans 1

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