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J.B. sent this to me calling it “very provocative and thought provoking.”  I could not agree more.

It is always a good thing to put any subject in perspective.  One may make a number of conclusions from this short video on a subject that has been in so many of our headlines lately.

Even if you disagree with the comment following, I hope you watch this video and come to your own conclusion.

Immigration, Poverty, and Gumballs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE

Roy Beck has made some interesting conclusions with his bottles of gumballs.  He definitely gives the issue perspective.  He seems to be making the claim that we should stop immigration altogether.  If this is the case, I disagree strongly.  I do agree with the basic general argument that for any change to come to a country, it has to be from within.

In my perfect world, God’s Word would be given the most important place in our lives.  Christian prayer would not have been removed from the public square in the U.S., nor the Ten Commandments from the walls of our public institutions.

Roy shows the number of immigrants allowed into our country legally each year.  The number is roughly equal to the number of annual U.S. abortions. Imagine if, in the last 50 years, America had chosen to be more concerned about the words of Jesus to “Go into all of the world.”  Imagine if we had sent the number of missionaries abroad each year equaling the number of aborted children since 1973. These missionaries would have been equipped with many of our modern technologies and a goal of helping those living in poverty to have the tools to make their lives better.

If we had chosen the above route, we would be nearing 40,000,000 missionaries in hundreds of different countries throughout the world.  Imagine how much better those lives, and ours, would be.  Our population would be no different than it is now.


Instead of the above possibility, we now find ourselves facing a possible financial crisis.  Could it be because we have generally forgotten God and have become greedy and self-absorbed that we find ourselves in our current position?

Immigration, abortion, and the “black horse” of Revelation in the same post?


The following article discusses food and dollar inflation.  It is an interesting look at where we are from a prophetic viewpoint.

Behold the Black Horse:


Here’s part of the post:

“The median household income in the U.S. was $11,800 in 1975 and today is $49,777. If you go by the government’s CPI, $11,800 in 1975 dollars equals $47,208 in today’s dollars. That would seem to indicate that Americans are earning slightly higher real incomes today than 35 years ago. However, the truth is, once you discount the effects of geometric weighting, the median household income in 1975 of $11,800 actually equals $154,000 in today’s dollars. This explains how in 1975, a father was able to support a family on just one income and college students were able to afford their own tuition with just a summer job. Today, in many cases both parents need to work to support their family, and students need to go deeply into debt to fund their education.”

There is a natural and spiritual law that says “You reap what you sow.”  Fortunately, the message in the Christian faith is that there is always hope.

Jesus told a story about a young man who foolishly asked for his inheritance before he had the wisdom to know what to do with it.  It’s not a pretty story.  The young man squanders all that he has been given.

Eventually, he returned to his father and said: “Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight; I am no longer worthy to be called your son.”

The story that Jesus told has a happy ending.  The Father restores his son and once again the son has hope.  This is a theme found throughout the Bible.

It is never too late to ask God to forgive us for our selfish ways and to help others.

Chris Reimers

You can find the story of the prodigal son here:


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