The Hunger Games

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My daughter thought I should watch the hunger games.  She wasn’t sure how I would react.  There was a bit of curiosity in me. When she bought the video, we sat down as a family to watch it.  My wife and I hadn’t seen it.

I understand that on Amazon Books The Hunger Games books have already outsold the spell-ridden Harry Potter series.  As there are more Harry Potter books, a statement can be made about the popularity of The Hunger Games.

One thing is obvious.  It is evident that the author knows about Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is real. It is a United Nations’ plan that would set up the real world to look similar to the “world” in The Hunger Games.

It would be quite a surprise if the author didn’t know about Agenda 21.

The author’s intent is unclear.  I checked her background and there doesn’t appear to be any support of a one world government.  I must say the bios I’ve read are limited.

Either way the movie is a fable and I think the real Agenda 21 will never happen.

Those who are planning such a world don’t mind a movie like this.  Although the message of the movie seems to “speak” against crowding humans into cities separated by natural zones, the idea is there.

I think those in power love movies like this.  They love to think the world will be like “The Hunger Games” world some day.

The author depicts the cruelty of such an arrangement.

Is there hope for the future in the movie?  I would say not.  To be fair to the author, I have not read any of the books.  I have only seen the movie.

Our only hope is in Jesus Christ.  I don’t think Agenda 21 will ever happen because I think the second coming of our Lord will happen first.

Those who don’t believe in Him see a world like the one in The Hunger Games coming.  And if Jesus doesn’t come for quite awhile, Agenda 21 will be implemented.  It must give the unbeliever a hopeless feeling.

I do not think the real near future looks rosy.  We have gotten away from our Bibles and it has been and will be costly.  The Bible speaks about days of hunger.

I don’t know exactly how it will all pan out.  But Bible prophecy is the only place where real answers may be found.

I enjoyed spending the time with my family watching the movie.  Afterward, I enjoyed our conversation.

As I have stated, I don’t know the motivation of the author.  I think the movie makes some people very happy and others very sad.

In my case, it is evidence that we are living near the time of His advent.  But, I knew this before I watched the movie.

I am filled with hope.

Chris Reimers

2 Responses to The Hunger Games

  1. Kari says:

    Hi Chris,

    I did not know about Agenda 21, so I will have to look this up. It had just gotten so depressing to keep up with the occultic shenanigans of the UN. However, I am just about to read this book. My 15 year old son insisted that I read it and I saw it was not too expensive at Sam’s Club, so I picked up a copy just this week.

    It sounds as if I need to investigate this Agenda 21 before I begin reading this. Thanks for the heads up Brother!

    By the way, I am filled with much hope as well. Jesus has His ever watchful eye on us no matter what darkness comes.


    • Chris says:

      Hi Kari,

      I’m glad you are checking into Agenda 21. You can find the actual documentation on the internet. It is a real U.N. plan, but I think Jesus will come back before these ungodly folks ever complete their plans.

      For some reason I woke up this morning with the song: “Oh God you are my God, and I will ever praise You” flowing through my brain. How great is our comforter in these times of birth pains?

      Bless you.

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