The Jesus Film

From the JESUS film project photo gallery

If you haven’t heard of the Jesus film, now you have.   It is a full 2-hour classic movie and is offered in 1,145 languages.  You can go here, see some of the many languages it’s shown and heard in, and scroll down and watch it in English.  It is particularly good for those who have never heard God’s Word or for those who need review (Don’t we all?)  These folks at The Jesus Film Project have taken the admonition to “Go into all the world” seriously.    They have done a great job. In many places around the world, this has been an introduction to the Gospel message.

Chris Reimers

6 Responses to The Jesus Film

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you,my friend!

  2. mannyr says:

    Chris, we use this film at Harvest heartbeat when our president goes to latin American countries to drill water wells. It is awesome and does a great job of presenting the Gospel.Highly recomended.

    • Chris says:

      You’ve just confirmed my feelings about this film. What an awesome ministry Harvest heartbeat must be. It gives living water in more ways than one. Thanks for letting me know, Manny.

  3. Kassie says:

    Chris, let me set this up by describing a typical Sunday for me. First I attend Mass at St. John’s. Right after that I pick up my First Step client, Helen, and take her to Park Place Baptist. I attend Sunday school and church with her and several First Step clients who also go there! I think I have been taking her for about 2 years now, & have made quite a few friends there. Isn’t Jesus awesome?

    Anyway, one Sunday, Park Place gave away copies of the Jesus Film and Helen got one. We watched it together in her home. It is nicely done and has a good Gospel message. She and I enjoyed it.

    thanks for the post and letting me share, blessings brother

    • Chris says:

      What a full Sunday you have, Kassie. You mingle with Catholics and Protestants. That must be very interesting. You should know that the first church I attended when I first moved to Hot Springs (17 years ago) was Park Place Baptist. I think they have gone through several pastors since I left there, but I enjoyed it while I was there. We only left because my wife started teaching pre-school at another church. There are two wonderful, former missionaries who live just down the street from me who attend Park Place.

      Yes, Jesus is awesome. I will never understand His unconditional love because I am not Him. I can’t imagine what taking the sins of the entire world on your shoulders must be like. I have problems dealing with my own sin. Of course, when I ask Him, He forgives me. Awesome is a great word to describe it.

      You’re welcome and it is always a blessing when you share.

      God’s blessings…

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