Dinosaur and human Footprints in the Paluxy Riverbed

Dinosaur and human Footprints in the Paluxy Riverbed

I found this article at the Institute for Creation Research.  The above picture shows the famous “Taylor Trail” at Paluxi.  I have used this picture before in one of the most viewed posts on this blog.

As Christine states in her article, there is now better evidence for the Creationist viewpoint.  At the same time, she doesn’t deny that the footprints are important.

That's Me with the Dino Tracks in August of 2004

That’s Me with the Dino Tracks in August of 2004

I have been to the Paluxi River and had my picture taken next to a Dinosaur footprint.  Unfortunately, the human tracks were not visible, but this picture shows clearly that the dino tracks are there. The picture was taken at the Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas.

It is very close to Dr. Baugh’s Creation Museum where this picture was taken:

At Dr. Baugh's Creation Museum

At Dr. Baugh’s Creation Museum

An important book about the subject was published in 1980.  It was called “TRACKING Those Incredible DINOSAURS” and was written by John Morris, son of the founder of ICR.

Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Amazon.com

Although ICR has backed away from the evidences found in this book, it is filled with eyewitness accounts of man and dinosaur footprints found in the same strata.  I have the book, and the accounts seem authentic to me.

One example is found on page 13.  During the Great Depression, residents of the area sold prints to make money to feed their families.  James and Cecil Ryals estimated that they quarried approx. 100 dinosaur tracks and about 10 human tracks.  Dinosaur tracks were more desirable and a good one could fetch up to 50 dollars.  The same page details how they went about their excavations.

The Ryals are not the only witnesses.  The book has other examples.

I believe in a young earth.  It is not millions and billions of years old.  I believe that man and dinosaur lived contemporaneously.  I agree that the prints discussed here are not the best evidence for Creationism, but how can one completely discount them?

The Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas is another showcase for the Darwinian evolutionists if one reads the signs at the park.  In reality, it is evidence for Scientific Creationists like me.

Chris Reimers

Paluxy River August 2004 002


by Christine Dao

Appealing to public emotions is a tool employed by politicians, media, and anyone trying to win supporters for a specific agenda. Naturally, such efforts can skew or omit facts, as is often the case in mainstream presentations of the ongoing battle between evolution and creation science. A recent Discovery News feature provides a telling example of this particular ploy.

Published online July 11, the feature is titled “Evolution Controversies: A History in Photos” and includes photographs from the Scopes “Monkey” trial of 1925, a cartoon of British naturalist Charles Darwin with the body of an ape, and a photograph of an exhibit in the Institute for Creation Research’s former Museum of Creation and Earth History in Santee, California.1 Of the ten photographs, two portray what the author says are claims used by creationists as “scientific proof of young Earth creationism”: the dinosaur footprints in Glen Rose, Texas, and a petroglyph in Utah that resembles a dinosaur.

Geologist and ICR President John Morris reported on the Paluxy River footprints in 1976,2 which at the time many creation scientists believed showed human and dinosaur footprints together. However, in light of continuing study, he reexamined the issue and wrote in 1986:

Even though it would now be improper for creationists to continue to use the Paluxy data as evidence against evolution, in the light of these questions, there is still much that is not known about the tracks and continued research is in order. We stand committed to truth, and will gladly modify or abandon our previous interpretation of the Paluxy data as the facts dictate.3

So, Discovery News’ statement that “creationists claim that human footprints can be seen right beside dinosaur tracks”1 is about 25 years out of date. Creation science researchers have moved on, a fact that was omitted from the Discovery News’ emotionally oriented appeal.

In the case of the Utah petroglyph, which Discovery News reported was “just a mud stain” in March of this year,4 ICR Science Writer Brian Thomas wrote:

ICR Senior Science Lecturer Frank Sherwin visited this petroglyph a number of years ago. He commented that although it looked interesting to him, he did not consider it to be as compelling as other historical evidence—such as dinosaur original soft tissues, written or sculpted eyewitness accounts of dragon encounters from all over the world, or certain Bible passages like Job 40—that have convinced him that dinosaurs and man were contemporaneous. The case for creation does not hinge on this one Utah artifact.5

So attempts such as Discovery News’ outdated references that try to place creationists in the same unscientific camp as flat-earth believers6 do not take into account that creation science researchers are willing to examine the data and, if necessary, move on to more interesting and securely justifiable discoveries, such as the soft dinosaur tissues or historical worldwide dragon encounters Mr. Thomas mentioned.7

Discovery News’ bias is further demonstrated by the fact that, although the author was careful to include instances that he thought “disproved” creationist claims, he failed to mention examples of the supposed evidence used to support evolution and long ages that have been debunked, such the classification of Tiktaalik and Pakicetus as transitional forms (aka “missing links”),8 and the accuracy of potassium-argon radioisotope-dating techniques.9

Appealing to public emotions can be effective, because it often does not require the appealers to present all the facts surrounding the topic. However, when the dust settles, the facts will not go away. If they demonstrate anything, anti-science presentations such as the Discovery News feature show that emotional appeals are needed to promote evolution because there is no real science behind it.


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*Ms. Dao is Assistant Editor at the Institute for Creation Research.

Article posted on July 26, 2011.

The original article appears HERE.

Two of my favorite people visited the park

Two of my favorite people visited the park

Related video:


  1. Mannyr says:

    Very interesting post Chris. I especially like the links (flat earth theory). i heard a story from a fellow a few years back that said that back in 1948-9 a geologist at a coal mine back east somewhere had discovered a piece of metal resembling a hammer head. After a mine shaft collapsed and spit this hammer head out.

    He supposedly held onto it until it was sold to a man in Texas another geologist. He found the hammer to be odd in its present state and had in cut in half. To his surprise in the center of this hammer was trace line of an element (i do not remember the name) that could only have been made under an atmosphere of 2.5. The element had apparently been made and was trapped in the making of the hammer. The element had a very short life span.

    He sent this to labs that agreed with his analysis. He later said he believed it had been made prior to the canopy breaking in Genesis account which uses the Hebrew word for canopy that existed prior to the demise of the dinosaurs. It is said they the dinosaurs lived in a rich dense green environment. It could explain why they all died at the same time. I found this to be verrrrrrry interesting.

    • Chris says:

      I’m glad you liked the post, Manny.

      I also think that dinosaurs died during the flood. How else can it be explained that we have dinosaur fossils at the top of some or our highest mountains?

      I think it is possible that there were either small dinos or dinosaur eggs on the ark. There is evidence to support this thesis. There are pictures of dinosaurs carved in stone in numerous places. These pictures were created after the flood. Since there were no archeologists at the time, the dinosaurs must have been seen by those who did the art work. There are pictures of dinosaurs on the castles in Europe. I have held Incan burial stones with pictures of dinosaurs carved on them. There are thousands of these. I am fortunate to have Dr. Don Patton living in Hot Springs. He is a pastor at a Church of Christ where I asked someone to take photos of Dr. Patton standing with me as I held one of the stones.

      There is definitely enough information on this topic for a post in the future.

      I would love you to do a word study on the word canopy after your current series. I also think the canopy was ruptured by the flood. This is what probably caused the decrease in life span after the flood. There was probably less oxygen in the air after the deluge. This would explain the huge fossils of ferns that dwarf most of today’s ferns. This would also explain why there were no huge dinosaurs after the flood.

      There is some speculation that most dinosaurs were vegetarians. If true, Jurassic Park was off the mark. I think some probably ate meat, but the dense green environment which you have noted would have been perfect for plant eaters.

      I’m familiar with the hammer story. Just more evidence of a young earth, which lends credibility to the Bible narrative in my opinion.

      There is so much evidence that the Bible is true; that God created man in His own image. Unfortunately, every public place of education is still allowing no academic freedom for both views to be heard. Darwinian evolution is still taught in almost every public science course. And they are starting earlier all of the time. My son got an assignment about the age of dinosaurs in 5th grade. His teacher must have been surprised when he mentioned the Ark and that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time. A chip off of the old block is he.

      Our evidence is more than stones and pictures. It is a relationship with the living God who loves us so much that He gave His best.

      We are so blessed my friend…

  2. Chris and Manny, interesting discussion. I would like to bring my own medical expertise on the issue of the canopy.

    Many including myself believe that the accelerated human gene pool deterioration is directly linked to the absence of the canopy after the flood. The protective layer of vapor (which did not have to fill all the strata of our atmosphere such that the atmosphere is 100% saturated as claimed by critics) was absolutely critical in preventing mutations in the human genome prior to the flood.

    The human genome has never been more broken than it is today, mostly from germ cell mutations (and other somatic mutations) from electromagnetic radiation originating from the sun and other cosmic sources. These have a cumulative effect with time and generations.

    This explains at least in part the rapid decline in age after the flood.

    1. Mutations passed from parents to children
    2. Mutations formed in the life of an individual which would curtail his age at around age 100. For example, essentially every man would get prostate cancer if he lived long enough. After age 100 almost every man has his disease even if asymptomatic.

    I find it absolutely fascinating that humans can no longer live hundreds of years after the flood and I believe the absence of the canopy theory is an excellent way to describe the pathogenesis.

    There is so much more on this subject, I haven’t even scratched the surface on other related subjects, like atmospheric pressure consequences, what percent of the flood was from the canopy, vs from underground sources… then there is the issue of the Nephilim and whether Nephilim genes were transmitted via the women on the Ark….

    Ah.. now I am really diverting from the subject! 🙂

    I can tell both of you guys enjoy probing into the mysteries found in the Word of God.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Delight.

      It is always nice to have a medical opinion. I also think that the acceleration of human gene pool deterioration is linked to canopy damage.

      That and the other reasons you have mentioned are the contributors to the shortening of human life. If there are any others, I am not aware of them.

      I am particularly interested in your opinion as to the percentage of “rain” that came from underground sources. Before doing any research, I would guess that a majority of the water came from that source.

      I agree with two Christians (scientists) who seem to know a lot about this subject. It appears that the possibility of a fracture in the earth’s crust allowed very pressurized water to shoot up and break through the canopy, causing the flood event to begin.

      I have heard some of the latest talk on the issue of the Nephilim. It seems that some Nephilim genes must have been transmitted through the women on the Ark. Goliath and his four giant brothers had to come from somewhere. I heard a preacher once say that the five stones that David took weren’t because he was afraid of missing. He was to use the other four on Goliath’s kin had they also attacked.

      This is only speculation but it makes sense to me.

      You are not the only one who can be sidetracked my friend. 🙂

      I think Manny would agree with me that we aren’t the only two commenting here who enjoy probing into the mysteries found in the Word of God.

      I really appreciate your contribution.

      God’s blessings…

      • Chris, an introduction to some of the canopy issues can be found here


        This page has a lot of scripture verses relating to the “deep” and “windows” of heaven.

        Some science issues are addressed with reference to original papers.

        This is an issue I plan to study… It’s been on my agenda for a long time… If I ever get the adequate time… 🙂

        • Chris says:

          Thanks for the link, Delight. I’ll definitely take a look. I’m working on something else at the moment, but if you decide not to put something up on the topic I will.

          Sounds like you are planning on doing a serious study though. I would love to see that on your blog someday.

          Have a blessed Sunday…

        • Chris says:

          An interesting thesis, indeed. The move away from a water canopy makes sense. There are others who believe that the canopy wasn’t water, but some type of layer protecting man from radiation and other dangers so that life would be extended. I haven’t studied this in depth. I’ve only heard speculation.

          Again, thanks for the link, Delight.

  3. Mannyr says:

    Yes we are very blessed. I wish i could have gotten more info from this fellah i heard the story from. I will try to do a word study on the canopy in Genesis. I love the story of your son in the fifth grade. It is an exciting topic. i hope you and yours have s great weekend.

    Blessings in Jesus name.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Manny.

      I’m already looking forward to your word study on the word canopy. Please don’t disrupt your current study before posting it. It is a study that shouldn’t be interrupted.

      I’m glad you liked the story about my son. I still have the science workbook with the assignment in it.

      Thank you for your kind works.

      May you and yours have a great weekend as well…

  4. Dylan says:

    Very thoughttful blog

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