My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks

I am in contact with Ken Olsen almost on a daily basis. I HAVE POSTED A SPEECH that I have given for Ken’s family. I have told his story to more than one group of people. Here you hear a conversation between Ken, the mother of Ken’s child, Vibeke, and a CPS worker while baby Aria is not in the room.

Here is Aria’s mother making a video that she hopes her little girl understands some day:

Four times a year for 1 hour a day!!! It is the wrong people who are being prosecuted (persecuted). Please pray for Ken and Vibeke.

I would like to thank Octavian Curpas for sharing this with me via email.


2 Responses to My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks

  1. Mannyr says:

    Absolute heart less forms of so called government. Godless society raising their puny fists at God and trying to exalt themselves over God. Meanwhile innocent children are taken from their biological parents and made a ward of the socialist society.

    Disgusting hardly covers their ways.

    • Chris says:

      Exactly, Manny. Norway considers itself to be a “free” and “democratic” country. Yet, due process is hardly possible in these cases involving Norway’s CPS. So many are taken for the craziest reasons. “Heartless” is the only reaction a human should feel.

      God’s blessings my brother…

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