July 11, 2013
Stegosaur carving from approx. 1186 A.D. Photo found at ICR.org Photo credit to Don Patton

Stegosaur carving from approx. 1186 A.D.
Photo found at icr.org
Photo credit to Don Patton

A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE was recently published by the folks at the Institute for Creation Research.  It shows a picture of a dinosaur that was carved around 1,000 years ago.

It is a short article, but it packs a punch.  Here are a few excerpts:

“The temple at Ta Prohm  (modern day Cambodia) —with its tree root-draped stones providing a picturesque scene for visitors—lies fewer than three miles from the oft-visited major Angkor Wat complex. The Khmer people built it and the many surrounding temples during Europe’s Middle Ages.”

If you would like to take a virtual tour of the temple, GO HERE.

One should really read THE ARTICLE for oneself, but it includes this interesting observation:

“The nearest stegosaur fossils come from faraway China. It is therefore very unlikely that the ancients carved a stegosaur likeness based on fossils.”

If the date is anywhere close to 1186, and if the artist saw a living stegosaur, dinosaurs didn’t die out 60-70 million years ago.  This would discredit Darwinian evolution.  I’ve known about this carving for some time, but I didn’t know that it had been dated.  It makes the image even more remarkable.


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