“I think people realize – many Christians – how we are losing our religious freedoms a little bit every day,” he said, “and if we don’t stand up and exercise the freedoms God has given us in this country, we will lose them.” -Franklin Graham, 2010 National Day of Prayer

I posted a recent commentary about the Rev. Billy Graham.  It was a difficult article to write but, after looking at several interviews that Mr. Graham did in later years, I came to the conclusion that his theology had changed.  I hope that I am wrong.  The only reason I posted such an article was to make a point about what I see happening in Christian circles nationwide.

I was happy to read this article.  It is from a very reliable source and states:

“In interview after interview, Franklin Graham has repeated his message that salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, that the gospel of Christ is the only message that offers salvation, and that any belief system that leads persons away from that gospel is false and empty.”

According to this article Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, has not wavered from his reliance on the truth of Scripture.  This gives me hope that maybe the previous article I posted was completely incorrect.

This article is about yesterday’s National Day of Prayer and Franklin Graham’s trip to the pentagon.  The article has the same message as the one made in my post about Mr. Graham’s father:  Christianity is under attack.

Chris Reimers

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