Why am I not surprised?

Could it be that it was very difficult in Garland County Arkansas, near the center of the supposed “Bible Belt,” to get signatures on a petition that was designed to keep foster kids out of homes with homosexual adults?

Could it be that most of the effort to get those signatures were made at the 230 churches in the county and many declined to help?

Yes, that is the reason that this story doesn’t surprise me.

The famed governor of “progressive” California has already signed into law something that has lessened the penalty for pot possession.  He thinks it will save the state money.

What message does all of this send our young people?  I guess that’s a question no one asks anymore.

Lord, have mercy.


Here’s the story:

Russ Jones – OneNewsNow

A measure to legalize marijuana will be on California’s November ballot, but one organization fighting to defeat the bill says many pastors are silent on the issue, which is leaving the pro-legalization activists virtually unopposed.

Proposition 19 goes before California voters November 2. If passed, it will allow those who are 21 years old or older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use. It will also permit local governments to regulate and tax the commercial production of pot.

James Lambert, a former drug user who now supports the efforts of Marijuana Harms Families, explains that many pastors have been apathetic. “I’ve confronted pastors, and it’s very disheartening,” he shares. “I’ve gone to groups that represent a lot of different churches, and my meetings have been lukewarm at best.”

The rest of the story:

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