May 14, 2016

This was an interesting week on the computer in many ways. On the blogging front, lots of interesting material became available this week.

As most of us think our Mom’s are “The Best Mom in the World,” Mother’s Day began with this post. It is one of two pieces I wrote this week.

The Universe Has Been Carefully Dialed to an Astonishingly Precise Value is one of two posts taken from Sherryn’s outstanding discernment blog called: The Narrowing Path.

Melbourne completes coverage of Australian Demonstrations does just that. We head off to another continent next week.

NO DUE PROCESS IN AMERICA? discusses a time in America where some Americans had just that. It was my second shot at writing this week.

Home School Legal Defense Association Publicizes the Bodnariu Case was found at Valeria’s blog this week. The HSLDA, an American organization, put together the best short documentary about the Bodnariu family that I’ve seen.

4 Empty Beds in Norway: 4 of Thousands is a repeat of the HSLDA video because I like it so much.

Bono Meets Eugene Peterson is an well-researched Herescope article on the two giants. Peterson thinks it is OK to add to God’s Word.

Lead me Lord by Gospel Trumpet Singers is a prayer in the form of a beautiful song.

My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks is an actual recording of Ken Olsen and the mother of his child, Vibeke Morrissey, and their encounter with a CPS worker.

Can a man change a man—short answer-NO, only Jesus can change a man. is another educational word study by Manny Rodriquez, my blogging buddy.

NORWAY…A COUNTRY WHERE EVEN ART IS UPSIDE DOWN!!! is a verbal work of art about a hanging work of art. Ken Olsen is very creative.

Russian Officials Speculate That a Nuclear War Could Leave Romania a “Smoking Ruins” comments on Putin’s Push because of a weak American Foreign Policy.

Why do we want to look like the world? is a question all Christians should ask themselves. Dan C. writes on the subject.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION is a timely piece about revisionism. Thank you for posting this, Manny. We all need to read all of it.

The Dangerously Influential Gospel of Tim Keller is important information in this era of wolves among the flock. Sherryn has posted information about a false teacher that many know of. Interestingly, Keller wrote the forward to the recent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

This Light of Mine ~ is a Christian poem by Deborah Ann Belka. No week would be complete without reading something from Deborah Ann.

Some good times were had with the kids this week. Got to help the Special Ed kids at Fountain Lake on Field Day. We got wet, we jumped in the bounce houses, we enjoyed the sunshine.

I took care of this week’s best joke of the day.

So…What do you call a friendly school?

Historic Little Rock Central High School Photo by Cliff

Historic Little Rock Central High School
Photo by Cliff

“Hi, school!”

I wish you all a blessed week,

Chris Reimers

“The Best Mom in the World”

May 8, 2016

Photo by chascar

Photo by chascar

“My Mom is the best Mom in the world.” I used to think that everyone thought that. It turns out that I was wrong. In fact, I’ve come to realize that some kids like going to school to get away from Mom or Dad.

In the boy’s bathroom, washing my hands, I heard “Hi, Mr. Reimers” behind me. It was a student that I would see later in the afternoon. As it was Friday, I commented, “You probably can’t wait for the weekend, huh?” “Right,” he said. Another student walked in and I continued my conversation. “Did you know that some students would rather be at school than at home?” He looked at me with that “Are you kidding?” look. The student who had just walked in said, “Yeah, just like ________________.”

My understanding of family life didn’t change on Friday, but I think a student learned that he was fortunate.

I know I was fortunate.

Former Christian Talk Show Host, Ingrid Schlueter had an interesting article on her blog the other day. The goal of her blog was to thank her mother for all she has done. Very noticeable to me was a historic family picture at the head of the post with young Ingrid with her Mom and family visiting Mt. Rushmore. I couldn’t help but make a comment on her blog. It went something like this except I’ve added and edited a few things:

“Guess what, Ingrid? When I was a kid, our family piled into a camper once a year for a few weeks during summer vacation and would travel mostly to see relatives. One year, we met some relatives near this same location (Mt. Rushmore) and had a wonderful time. If it weren’t for my Mom and my Aunt, the trips we took back then would have been disastrous. Our lives would have been completely different.

During Easter breaks, that’s what school’s Spring breaks were called back then, my Mom invited any interested child to our house to hear the Easter story. There was a craft after the story and snacks. The main craft was gluing rocks together with an empty cross glued onto the rocks. Raising six kids, my Mom didn’t have craft money so she used what was available (rocks and Popsicle sticks). I still have a picture, somewhere, of one of those “Bible schools” mostly done on our front lawn. There were probably 50 kids there. I never did hear anyone criticize my Mom for this. There may have been some ‘Bible thumper’ remarks but I never heard them.

Years after those Easter Bible studies, a young man fell off of a school mound while throwing a pitch in a baseball game and was pronounced dead of heart failure. He had a major heart problem that had never been detected.

The phone in the kitchen rang. It was the parents of the boy who died. They wanted to meet with my Mom. They were not church goers as far as I know and the only thing that seemed to give them any peace was the little Bible that the boy still had from one of those Easter break events at my house. My Mom gladly met with the couple. I have no idea what was discussed, but I know my Mom and I know she was used of God in that instance.

There are so many fond memories about Mom that a book could be written.

I remember the time one of the neighborhood kids got a ‘jaw-breaker’ stuck in his throat. He did this between his house and my house. He ran to my house. His face bright red, my Mom and Dad turned him upside down and hammered his back (this was long before we all knew about Heimlich) until the obstacle fell out, probably saving the young boy’s life. It was just another day in the neighborhood.

My Mom was a church choir director for over 50 years. She sang at multiple funerals and performed many solos in church. She directed many cantatas. The last several years the cantatas she directed ended in sickness and voicelessness. She still has a beautiful singing voice even though she struggles with pain as many in their eighties do. I am fortunate to live close enough to her that my sister and I can check on her regularly. She is still a servant of the Most High.

We are blessed to have Moms like ours, Ingrid. This post has inspired me to put these words on my blog later today.”

Thank you.

If you wish to see a picture of my Mom all you have to do is look at the top of my Facebook page. I don’t publish many pictures of family but I love this picture of my Mom and Son swimming in a lake one summer day in Arkansas.


I hope you think your Mom is the best Mom in the world. Even if you don’t, will you give her a hug today and say, “Thank you?” Moms like that.

Chris Reimers

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