“Timely if mayor Bergheim were to come up with an unreserved apology to the couple”

May 28, 2018

Ken, Vebeke, and Family Reunited
Photo by Lisbeth Lund Andresen
(Click on photo to enlarge)

By Magne Storedal

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The child protection case which is the main subject of the article – that of Ken Joar Olsen and Vibeke Morrissey and their daughter – has been described and discussed on several websites abroad and here. (See below)

This article originally appeared in Norwegian, on 25 May 2018, in Romerikes Blad HERE.

Translation: Marianne Haslev Skånland. All rights remain with the author Mr Storedal.
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The resignation of CPS leader Arnfinn Heimstad on Wednesday augurs well for the process of developing a better Barnevern in the municipality of Lørenskog. The case which triggered his withdrawal – the child protection case against Ken Joar Olsen and Vibeke Morrissey – was deficient on very many levels. Romerikes Blad has in a series of articles given an account of the inadequate and criticisable casework in this CPS case.

The most criticisable aspect was the way the municipality went all the way in their employment of heavy means without attempting to help and support the parents when their daughter was taken into care on an emergency order in January 2015. In what followed, the municipality ignored information and suggestions from not less than eight experts who all found Ken and Vibeke to be competent parents. Parallel with the outcome in the Ken and Vibeke case, the courts have quashed three takings into care and returned the children to their parents. All after decisions made in Lørenskog. In sum these outcomes are so serious that it was natural for Heimstad to resign.

At the same time it is important to note that making heads roll in Lørenskog has never been the goal. Our primary aim has been to have the injustice to Ken and Vibeke’s daughter remedied, but also, of course, that against the parents. With the CPS and the municipality leadership being so restrictively against opening up for reconsideration and self-criticism, head municipal administrator Ragnar Christoffersen has taken matters in hand over the last weeks.

Necessary changes lie ahead. The Barnevern (CPS) case against Ken and Vibeke will face investigation internally and externally. At the same time, the case is before The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). The case if far from over; a large sequel which must induce comprehensive learning and change in all of Barnevernet lies ahead. Irrespective of the outcome of such review, the municipality must urgently enter into a dialogue with all child expert personnel who had anything to do with Ken and Vibeke’s case. Between them they possess important proficiency and qualifications, urgently needed to be made use of by the municipality.

While Barnevernet is under fire in Lørenskog, another public service reaps well-deserved honour. Lørenskog’s low threshold ‘Preventive Psychological Health Service’ (Forebyggende psykisk helsetjeneste (FPH)), offering free and fast psychological help for Lørenskog’s citizens, has received the prize of the year for ‘innovation’ awarded by the Norwegian Society for Psychological Science. The service of FPH is monitored through research by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Added to the fact that the municipality has got this service up and running, it also works. People suffering from anxiety and depression have, according to the Institute of Public Health, obtained better life quality as soon as after 6 – 8 conversational sessions. With this expertise being present within the municipality, it is horrible that the two services did not cooperate in this concrete child protection case. Rather, according to FPH itself and the last two experts Anette Svendsen and Evelin Tjemsland, the CPS was active in Ken and Vibeke not getting necessary help after their daughter was taken into care. This is serious and must be checked up on thoroughly.

With the traumas in mind which Ken and Vibeke have gone through, it would probably have been timely if mayor Ragnhild Bergheim came up with an unreserved apology to the couple as well.

My comment:

This is welcome and encouraging news in the struggle of families who have been devastated by the ungodly actions of the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (Barnevernet). I was not aware of this development and I would like to thank Professor Marianne Haslev Skånland for translating this article and sharing it with me. This is the first occasion involving a Norwegian CPS case, of which I’m aware, where the head of a CPS office has had to resign over the way several CPS cases have been handled by his office. Only God knows how many hundreds of parents in Norway have gotten the same type of treatment only to never have their children returned. This is certainly a step in the right direction but it is one case of so many that must be reviewed!

Here are a few of many articles published here and abroad about this family. To see all of the posts here, just type “Ken Olsen” into the search box on this blog.

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“Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim”

Romerikes Blad, is a Norwegian newspaper published in Lillestrøm, covering especially districts east of Oslo. The Norwegian title was “Forløsende om ordfører Bergheim kom med en uforbeholden unnskyldning til paret”.
Magne Storedal is the paper’s chief editor.

Praise God! It appears that Aria has been returned to Ken and Vibeke!!!

May 2, 2018

The news is still sketchy but Professor Marianne H. Skanland has alerted me about more than one article in Norwegian newspapers that seem to verify the headline above. Baby Aria was taken from her parents just days after being born and according to the news articles and Facebook comments it appears that she has finally been returned to her rightful parents.

Aria was born on January 13th, 2015 at 10:53 am. Ten days later the “Norwegian Child Welfare Services” took Aria away from Ken and Vibeke for ridiculous reasons. She has been away from her real father and mother almost 2 and 1/2 years now. Ken and Vibeke have worked tirelessly to retain the rights to their daughter whose name was changed at least twice while in custody (in a foster home somewhere unknown to her real parents).

Thank you to anyone who prayed about this situation. I have put up occasional articles about the Family’s situation and this story is at the top of the three active ones that I have been following for some time. This reunion is not an everyday occurrence in Norway. It is quite miraculous. Ken and Vibeke have been persistent, brave, and wisely restrained in their efforts to get their daughter back. I will post more information here as I know more. There has been so much bad news coming out of Norway that I had to post this a.s.a.p. Today is a day for celebration!!!

Chris Reimers

The headline is true. Aria has been returned to her parents. Ken has verified it for me in a Facebook comment (see below).

Ken sent this picture to me today…It is a great day!

Conversation from Facebook today:

Ken Joar Olsen:
“Thank you my friend, and sorry that i haven’t informed in English to you all. But between my tears, from all the praise and congratulations the private messages in my inbox. And especially the two princesses demanding me to be a climbing three, a burping station and a sandwich maker. I had a short appointment with the dentist… So now i am using some free minutes whilst they are in the shop, to get out some thank you messages to GREAT people like you that by your support. Forever will be a part of our now huge family and story. So hugs from us, and best wishes to you and yours.”

Chris Reimers:
“No worries my friend. I saw all of the notes of congratulation on a couple of facebook posts and I knew you were busy. Many people have followed your case and the news is gladly received in many countries. I particularly figured that you would be spending some much needed catch up family time.
How cool is it to be a climbing tree?
As soon as the dust settles a bit, maybe you can write something about how this worked out. It will please me greatly to remove your story from “Recent Accounts of Children Taken” on my blog. I am thankful to God for answering our prayers. Have a great day my friend and may God continue to bless you and your family.”

Posts on this Blog about Ken’s story:

Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?

Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria – Norway

Always Aria



Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim

My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks


Recent Accounts of Children Taken


August 15, 2017

Photo from Steven Bennett’s Facebook Page

This Saturday, a very important event will take place. Norwegians from all over Norway, including folks from other countries, will be protesting the evil deeds of a “Child Protection Service” gone horribly wrong in Norway.

Organizers are hoping for the biggest demonstration on this issue ever in Norway’s history. If recent social media is any indication, organizers will accomplish this goal.

Political Elections will be held in Norway in September and this event will be noticed. I am Facebook friends with more than one of the event speakers and I am requesting that anyone who reads this will pray that the event is a huge success.

I would like to thank my FB friend, Bjo Ern, for providing me with the following itinerary. May God bless those who are willing to speak up against the evils of a country-sponsored child kidnapping organization.

Chris Reimers

(If there are clips of this event in English, I will publish them here as they come in.)

PROGRAM (preliminary)

– 11.00 Start of promenade at “Tigeren”. Meet up on time
– 11.30 Arrival at the Parliament
– 12.00 Welcome by the arbitration committee

– 12.10 Rune Fardal: Damage due to traumatization, psychology of power.
– 12.20 Ken Joar
– 12.30 Oddvar Espegard: The research tells us enough.
– 12.40 Tor Åge Berglid: The fight for better child welfare and the road ahead.

12.50 SONG: Sky full of stars. (Link below)

– 13.00 Nina Søviknes: About family centers, mothers’ home
– 13.10 Jelena Gullick, About grandparents’ participation.
– 13.20
– 13.30 Inez Isabel Arnesen: Free legal aid, politician engagement

13.40 SONG: Let the children be set free (Link below)

– 13.50 Naci Akkøk
– 14.00 Marius Reikerås: Human rights (If he is in Norway at the time)
– 14.10 Tomáš Zdechovský (?)
– 14.20 Lill May Vestly: Love, biology and strong parental rights – new family policy and new family protection. Political Spokeswoman for the Party The Christians regarding family.

14.30 SONG:

– 14.40 Stian Hordjik
– 14.50
– 15.00

– 15.10 Termination by the organizers


Responsible for Transport / Rigging:
– Dariusz Cz Pakosz, Natalia Kozłowsk, Øyvind

Responsible for music systems / scene:
– May Lund

Responsible for Appeals:
– Rune Fardal

Responsible for media contact
– Tor Åge Berglid, Rune Fardal

Singer (Learn these until 19 August):

A sky full of stars

Let the children be set free

Update: Here is one of the speeches (if you have facebook) from Oslo:

<a href="http://https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Ffamiliekanalennorge%2Fvideos%2F693929500805377%2F&show_text=0&width=560“>Tor Age Berglid


July 19, 2016

Aria holds the bubble maker for her daddy

Aria holds the bubble maker for her daddy

We had our two-hour visitation today with our precious little princess
It was again a wonderful meeting and we loved seeing her again. She seems to recognize us and was happy, very talkative and started playing with her mummy shortly after we arrived. We brought soap-bubbles she could play with, and she really thought this was funny. She wanted to put the bubbles into daddy and mommy’s mouth, laughing a lot We also brought a book with photos of us and her she can bring to the foster parents. It was really heartbreaking when Aria took the book, pointed at a picture of Vibeke and said “mummy”. She seemed quite independent of her confidence-person, and was not in need of any particular support from her.

Actually when the visitation was terminated after two hours, she started crying.

And we doubt anyone can understand and really comprehend how devastating it is to see your own daughter cry and not being allowed to comfort her because the visitation has finished.

We as Arias one and only parents are sure that she also knows there is a special bond between us, she can feel and sense it.

Her temper is much like her father-fearless, active, but her strong headedness she gets from both her parents Even not barnevernet can erase biology, and Aria can feel the connection. So do not make any mistakes-she is OUR daughter and she belongs in OUR family, not in a foster family. Now and forever!

Before the visitation, Barnevernet and the police made a huge mistake and the visitation almost cancelled.

The scheduled visitation was cancelled, but first after we actually showed up at the location.

There we were met by the leader of Lørenskog Barnevern Arnfinn Heimstad who explained it and made some excuses.
Suddenly he was not afraid of Arias father any more, very strange we must add.

We had off course been looking forward to the visitation and hardly slept anything the night before.

When we got back home, Barnevernet made a phone call to us where they re-scheduled the visitation to later the same day.
Because the police did not have the time, they hired private security-guards and even paid for our taxi-expenses.

So for the first time they actually cleaned up their own mess, which was a first positive experience.

And so to finish it off, Mette Lisbet Haugen, the hired contractor, praised us many times after the visitation.

And also Aria many times during the visitation, so today we are not only full of love towards our dear baby Aria as parents, but also proud parents…
BUT TO BE CLEAR on that WE ARE PROUD parents of ARIA every second and every day, SHE is the result of our love and now and forever will she be the love of our life.

This was published today on the Justice for baby Aria and her family facebook page. Click on THIS LINK and scroll down to see more pictures of today’s visitation.

Anyone who has been following this story will have mixed emotions when reading about this visitation. This beautiful little girl only gets to see her parents two hours 3 or 4 times a year. This family was never given a chance to start life together as Baby Aria was taken from her parents in the first days of her life. The charges made by the Norwegian authorities against these parents are a mix of outrageous and mysterious. There is no good reason that Aria is in foster care. As the numbers of children removed from Norwegian parents are reported to be increasing each year, more families find themselves in the same situation as Ken and Vibeke.


For more information about Aria, Ken, and Vibeke, CLICK HERE.

One can find the same article title on the Justice for baby Aria and Family facebook page.


July 2, 2016

Why has Baby Aria never slept in her own crib? As far as the Wings of the Wind has been able to ascertain, there were only two reasons given to her parents:

Reason #1: Aria’s father, Ken Olsen, was a danger to his wife and child.

Reason #2: Aria’s mother, Vibeke, would not renounce her husband.

The video above was made by Ken Olsen and was published one week ago. It explains other details of the case.

This is very similar to the Baby Caspian case. Caspian and his Mother, Nadia, have now been separated for almost 20 days. The Caspian story has gotten notice from many sources including this publication.

Two days after her birth, baby Aria was separated from her father, Ken. Baby Aria and Vibeke were left alone in a place called Moringen. Allegedly, Ken and Vibeke were not able to communicate as Vibeke’s telephone was confiscated. Vibeke was able to contact Ken after five days of separation. Apparently, no one called Ken to let him know what was happening.

It is now one and a half years after Baby Aria was taken from her Parents. The Wings of the Wind has been told by a source close to the situation that the Barnevernet has made NO effort to reunify this child with her biological parents.

There have been four hearings involving baby Aria, two regarding the emergency removal, and two on the “overtaking of the care.” After all other options were gone, Ken and Vibeke appealed to a higher court. The appeal was denied.

Editor’s Note:

It is another baffling decision that has come from Norway’s Child Protective Services.

Why was this couple given no chance to parent this child?

Why were the mother and child taken from a father who had done nothing wrong? He had not been violent to the mother or the child.

There were 3 members on committees in at least 2 of the 4 hearings where Ken and Vibeke were present. Baby Caspian only had one person make the very important decision that a young child should not be returned to her loving parent. This inconsistency seems very odd.

Ken said, “Even the psychologist, has never seen anything like this.”

I have given a speech in Ken’s behalf THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Most of the words in the speech are Ken’s own and tell of his own childhood in CPS custody.


Ken and Vibeke get to see Aria every couple of months for a couple of hours. Is this the way Aria’s entire life will be?

It is hard to imagine.

Chris Reimers


June 5, 2016


There was a seven-day Social Media Protest with which I was involved. The protest was to be peaceful and the goal was to get information from the politicians in Norway about their thoughts on the child care system (the Barnevernet) there. Hundreds of voices worldwide joined the questioning. Most of it was done in a truthful manner. There are always going to be a few who get carried away.

The intention was to get answers for the Norwegian people. Of the political parties in Norway, the leaders of the protest choose 12. As I was only commenting on 4 or 5 of the party websites, I don’t know for sure. But it was my impression that not one political party was willing to make a statement about the Child Care System in Norway over social media. If you looked at the link above, we got one good response. It was from the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg. After she commented, a large number of protesters went to her site to make valid complaints, ask questions, and a few went to cause trouble. The result was that the Prime Minister’s site was shut down for a bit and the entire conversation was removed.

I wish that hadn’t happened. So many people voiced valid concerns about the welfare of the children in Norway. If you would like to know my blogging friend Chris Prunean’s take on the events, click on the link above.

https://chrisreimersblog.com/2016/05/31/ken-joar-olsen-my-good-friend-speaks-in-trondheim/ is the first of many opportunities for Ken to do what he wants to do: help others and by doing so help to get his precious Aria back. She was taken from him for no good reason.

During this week’s protest, someone posted this:

Because the post got erased, I can’t tell you who posted it. I can tell you that this video explains a problem that C.S. Lewis saw in his life and that has increased greatly in our time.

It was necessary to write a Letter to Ms. Solveig Horne, Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality this week as my response to the reunification of the Bodnariu family in Norway. This is a start but the story is far from over. It is a joyful event that a family will get to live together again.

You should really read Deborah Ann’s “Worth My Pursuing ~” What is a week without at least one poem from Deborah Ann?

Here is a story you don’t want to miss. It is sad but one you should know about. It is the truth of what is happening in many places in Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the U.K. besides Norway.

To see my post with the same video, go here:
Legal Kidnapping in Norway – American Mother Victim

Last but certainly not least is Dan’s Other Men’s Brains. It’s an interesting short article about the treatment of scripture.

I wish you all a blessed week in the Lord.

Chris Reimers

Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim

May 31, 2016

Having known Ken only a few months, it seems like I have known him my entire life. He is honest, brave, and a role model to all who have gone through difficulties and have come out on another side.

Ken didn’t have a Bible when I first met him, but he knew how to operate the internet well. I asked him to go to Bible gateway and begin to read. He told me that it was nice to read something that wasn’t destructive (or words similar to that). He continues to read his Bible daily.

Ken is a hero of mine. He is a gifted individual with many talents. I know. I am a teacher who can spot talent. God has given him those talents and it is sad that, because of the cruel “Child Protective Services” in Norway that he hasn’t really started using them until now.

I have never gone through what he has. I only hope if I ever go though anything as difficult as he, that I will turn out like he has. Yes, he has a long way to go to forgive those who have ruined his life to this point. Wouldn’t you? Yet, he continues on to help others in need.

One day he will read the story of the good Samaritan and he will see that it is about people like him, selflessly acting to help others. The only difference is that Jesus never told us that the Good Samaritan had been targeted by bullies himself once. One might imagine that to be the case, though, as the Good Samaritan felt sympathy for the hurt man and didn’t walk by when so many others (including the “religious”) did.

The world needs more men like Ken Olsen. I am glad he considers me to be his friend.

Chris Reimers

Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?


My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks

Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria – Norway

BTW..Ken is trying to get the scrolling at the end slowed down. I highly recommend that you stop and read it. It gives more details about his incredible experience with Norway’s “Child Protective Services.”


May 14, 2016

This was an interesting week on the computer in many ways. On the blogging front, lots of interesting material became available this week.

As most of us think our Mom’s are “The Best Mom in the World,” Mother’s Day began with this post. It is one of two pieces I wrote this week.

The Universe Has Been Carefully Dialed to an Astonishingly Precise Value is one of two posts taken from Sherryn’s outstanding discernment blog called: The Narrowing Path.

Melbourne completes coverage of Australian Demonstrations does just that. We head off to another continent next week.

NO DUE PROCESS IN AMERICA? discusses a time in America where some Americans had just that. It was my second shot at writing this week.

Home School Legal Defense Association Publicizes the Bodnariu Case was found at Valeria’s blog this week. The HSLDA, an American organization, put together the best short documentary about the Bodnariu family that I’ve seen.

4 Empty Beds in Norway: 4 of Thousands is a repeat of the HSLDA video because I like it so much.

Bono Meets Eugene Peterson is an well-researched Herescope article on the two giants. Peterson thinks it is OK to add to God’s Word.

Lead me Lord by Gospel Trumpet Singers is a prayer in the form of a beautiful song.

My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks is an actual recording of Ken Olsen and the mother of his child, Vibeke Morrissey, and their encounter with a CPS worker.

Can a man change a man—short answer-NO, only Jesus can change a man. is another educational word study by Manny Rodriquez, my blogging buddy.

NORWAY…A COUNTRY WHERE EVEN ART IS UPSIDE DOWN!!! is a verbal work of art about a hanging work of art. Ken Olsen is very creative.

Russian Officials Speculate That a Nuclear War Could Leave Romania a “Smoking Ruins” comments on Putin’s Push because of a weak American Foreign Policy.

Why do we want to look like the world? is a question all Christians should ask themselves. Dan C. writes on the subject.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION is a timely piece about revisionism. Thank you for posting this, Manny. We all need to read all of it.

The Dangerously Influential Gospel of Tim Keller is important information in this era of wolves among the flock. Sherryn has posted information about a false teacher that many know of. Interestingly, Keller wrote the forward to the recent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

This Light of Mine ~ is a Christian poem by Deborah Ann Belka. No week would be complete without reading something from Deborah Ann.

Some good times were had with the kids this week. Got to help the Special Ed kids at Fountain Lake on Field Day. We got wet, we jumped in the bounce houses, we enjoyed the sunshine.

I took care of this week’s best joke of the day.

So…What do you call a friendly school?

Historic Little Rock Central High School Photo by Cliff

Historic Little Rock Central High School
Photo by Cliff

“Hi, school!”

I wish you all a blessed week,

Chris Reimers


May 13, 2016

Photo by Ken Joar Olsen

Photo by Ken Joar Olsen

(Submitted by Octavian Curpas)

Outside the Oslo train central station, this piece of art stands.

When I go for my weekly drug test, as I have been for over a year now, I have been looking at the piece of “art.”

I think, “Did the artist consider Norwegian society in general?”

It is a society where they can take your children away until the parents have proved themselves good enough.

In Norway, parents are guilty until proven innocent.

It is a land where the police protect the oppressors, a land where dreams become nightmares.

It is a land of beautiful nature.

Greed is killing it.

They kill predatory animals here and now they are few.

The reason?

Money making farm animals need more habitat in which to feed.

It is a land where “public servants” create victims from the people they were supposed to help and assist.

It is a wealthy country, one of the richest, that is unbelievably poor.

Cold people claim to be warm while warm people are described as cold.

It is a land where insanity is normal, and where normal people are diagnosed with insanity.

It is a land where the weakest people are providing for the strongest.

It is a land where the poor get poorer, and rich get richer.

It is a land where professionals say that I am too honest.

How is this possible since I am a product of the lies they are telling?

One day I hope the truth will set us free. I will never let them turn me upside down.

I hope we will all stand on firm ground and, like this tree, expose the roots (the liars and evil ones) until they are fully viewed so that they can be removed from Norway.

I, for one, will not rest until all is turned right side up.

We must not rest because children are our future.

Best wishes to you all. Stay strong!

These wishes do not extend to those who are turning our world upside down.

They will eventually be turned inside out, and their empty insides will be obvious to all.

Written by Ken Joar Olsen

Ken is a product of a dysfunctional child care system who was fortunate to get back on his feet after they turned his life upside down.

Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?

May 6, 2016

Ken and I are Facebook friends. We are both truth seekers.

Here is a speech I made to the Watchmen of Garland County last Monday. I told them Ken’s story. It is written in a speech format and should make easy reading. The speech took 20 minutes.

The Ken Olsen Story

Thank you for the opportunity to speak, Pastor Doug.

My brothers,

Having to be at work by 7:30 A.M. has meant missing The Watchmen of Garland County meetings for the past 2 years. I’ve been blessed to meet the wonderful students of Garland county as a public school substitute. I’ve missed you but I’ve taken the day off today for another reason.

If you have any questions about what I have said here today, please talk to me after the meeting or you may call me anytime.

Pastors are fighting on so many fronts today as you well know. What am I going to do? Educate you on a front which you probably know nothing about.

Before you shut me down at the beginning, who remembers what happened to the Stanley family here in Garland County last year? If you don’t remember or didn’t hear the story, their children were taken. Due process eventually took its course and the family was reunited.

If you don’t know about the case “absolutely no evidence of neglect or abuse had been found when 7 children were removed from their home and separated from their parents by the Garland County Sheriff’s Department. (1)
And speaking of 7…

The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage that says a message must be heard at least seven times before someone takes action. (2)

I mention this because I will be reading selected portions of 3 short articles written by the same man on the same subject…his life. Maybe you can remember some of this by hearing it 3 times in 3 different ways.

The next time you hear about this subject will be an email alerting you to the next worldwide demonstration against Norway’s Child Protective Services.

(Show demonstration pics)

You probably don’t know that on the same day that “Derby Day,” was wrapping up the horse racing season there was a protest taking place across the world in over 70 cities and in many countries. There were over 60 thousand at Oaklawn that day. There were 50 people at Arlington Lawn in Hot Springs earlier in the day. The worldwide protest eclipsed the numbers at Oaklawn that day.

What were all of those protesters doing? They were trying to alert the world of something going on in Norway.

According to 2008 statistics:


Ranked #1 in the world as “most livable”

Ranked #2 in the world in per capita income

Had a 100% literacy rate…only 1 of 7 countries to hold that distinction.

Why would so many people be holding signs protesting something in Norway.

I have recently found out a few other facts about Norway.

The country found vast oil reserves in the 1960’s and the government owns 2/3rds of the largest oil company.

The State Church is funded by the government.

About half of the members of the State Church in Norway say they are not Christians.

Today, I will tell you the story of one person. The truth is, there are thousands like him in the Nordic countries. What is happening there under the title of “child protection” can only be called evil.

This is a picture of my friend Ken Olsen. These are his words:

Ken, Vibeke, and Baby Aria

Ken, Vibeke, and Baby Aria

“This picture was taken in November last year at a visitation with Aria (AR..eea). It was taken by the psychologist since we won’t let Barnevernet workers take pictures of us. It’s wrong of them to break up a family and then offer to take a family picture.”

The first source I quote is an article Published March 18th, 2016 in the ARMONIA MAGAZINE – USA
(I have edited all three articles for easier listening. I have changed no major content. CR)

The title is: “Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria – Norway”

“My story with Barnevernet (that’s the name for Norway’s “Child Protective Services”) starts when I was 8 years old. They started bullying my Mother. I was living alone with her on a small island called Vigra (off of the coast of Norway) After a year of intimidation, my Mother packed some bags and fled to Denmark with me.

Fourteen days later we were staying in a Danish hotel. My Mom was out working when, suddenly, police officers and the Danish Barnevernet come storming in and forcefully removed me. Maybe they thought my Mom was neglecting me. I have never found out the real reason that I was taken.

They placed me in an acute institution. The place was terrible. They beat me for not brushing my teeth well enough. I did not understand what they were saying and I was scared of the dark. They locked me up in a DARK bedroom. I was screaming and crying, so they threatened me. I still remember looking out the key hole all night just to see some light. After a week they moved me to a much bigger institution.

They forced me to start ALONE in a Danish school. It was a BIG school with 500 students. I was still scared and I did not speak or understand the language. I was bullied a lot and started fighting. I got expelled so they moved me to another institution. The place was a real HELL, with a lot of sexual and physical abuse. My mother gave birth to my little sister when I was eleven years old and I told her about some of the abuse during the few visitations we had. I did not mention the sexual abuse, of course, but still SHE CAME to my rescue and got me out of there. It was too late. I felt “ruined” and had become a “problem child.”

My mother could not control me after the abusive institution. I was an angry and damaged 11 year old boy. I really don’t know who’s decision it was when I was moved away from my Mom.

I was relocated to a foster home, which was “ok.” All the while I felt and knew I was only an income for them, me and the three others. This was eventually proven. When the construction of their house was complete and they had a baby of their own, we 3 children under 18 were thrown out. I was moved to a new institution. I lived there until I was 16 years old, then they kicked me out to live in my own apartment.

That ended badly. I wound up in a jail, sentenced to 1 1/2 years. I was then released into a new foster family. This ended quickly when they got divorced. I have been in and out of trouble due to a violent past involving criminal gangs, drugs, more jail time, etc. This type of thing happens to most of us who have grown up under the “Child Protective Services” called Barnevernet.

My dad is a unknown story, and my mother became a heavy drinker when i was taken by the Barnevernet. She fell out a window and died when I was 18.

In 2004, they deported me back to Norway. I STILL had no HELP or anyone to care about my past. I was almost 30 and was being returned to complete a prison sentence.

Fast forward to January of 2015 when we had our princess Aria. She was a beautiful baby so, of course, Barnevernet came to the hospital after 2 days and took her away.

The reason?

My own upbringing under the “care” of Barnevernet. THEY say that children under their care will not have a chance in the future to be able to be caring enough to have a child. This sickens me. THAT’S WHY I have a STRONG HATRED. I KNOW WHAT THEY DO TO OUR CHILDREN. BEEN THERE TRIED THAT.”

Ken now can see his little girl, Aria, six times a year for 2 hours each.

The second source that I’d like to use is one from The Miorita Magazine/A Romanian-American Independent Newspaper. It was Published April 2nd, 2016

Title: Proof of Barnevernet’s criminal activity

“It is stated by the European human rights Court that a placement of a child outside its biological family is an action that can be done only as a temporary measure. And it should be as brief as possible, according to Norwegian courts.

In our case, the Psychologist, a specialist appointed from the court, who spent over 100 hours on the investigation, stated that we should be given a chance as parents. Also our regular doctors for the last 4 years didn’t see any problems with us as caregivers. Moreover, a witness from Nav Lillestrøm didn’t see any problems, and also a woman who “adopted” me and introduced me into her family as her own son didn’t see any problems.
However, Barnevernet agents “saw a problem.” Arnfinn Heimstad, the boss of Barnevernet in Lørenskog refused to talk to us.

Two contracted women from Barnevernet, Lene Jargren & Mette Haugen, did see a problem (They talked with us for 3 hours after Aria was taken). Psychologist Britta Strømme from the municipal saw a problem and made a phone call to us about it. The same Psychologist used by Barnevernet as a special witness for them was behind one of the anxious reports sent to the the office in Lørenskog.

Now, 5 months later, even after the court stated that Barnevernet did this in a wrong way, there have been no further investigations on us as the parents of Baby Aria.

There has been no further interest from Barnevernet’s Leader, Arnfinn Heimstad, in investigating the consultants he hired in my case.

NO FURTHER INTEREST in bringing our princess Aria back to her family.

This is A CLEAR VIOLATION of Aria’s Human Rights and our Human Rights.

Arnfinn Heimstad is personally responsible for the crime he continues to commit against our family without being accountable to anybody.

We will not stop our fight for justice. Someone should be thinking of the severity of the crime he committed. Instead, we are shown an extremely bad attitude by Barnevernet. They don’t care about the opinions of other professionals involved.”

About a month after this publication, Ken and I became facebook friends.

He wrote an article and posted it to Facebook on Sunday, April 24th.


“Hello. To any who see this, know that I have never asked for much during my 41 years of life.

But now, I ask you for this one thing only. It will mean an incredible amount to me and many others. Could you please take 3 minutes of your time to read this and afterwards, take some time to think about it. We, as former children under “public care” are condemned for the rest of our lives.

CPS ALWAYS argues that the child was very damaged and neglected in his own biological family during childhood BEFORE they (Barnevernet) came into the picture. I have often said that this is not necessarily correct and I will try to explain to you why I believe this.

I was born in Ålesund on a small Island named vigra, a place where everyone knows everyone. My mom was a single mother and we had a HUGE biological family, which never reacted negatively about the care my mother gave me. They have never made any phone calls to the CPS called Barnevernet.

I was like any other young boy. I went to school and in my free time, I enjoyed fishing, shooting with bow and arrows, playing soccer etc.

I spent time with my male role models, my grandfather and uncles.

I don’t claim that my mom was perfect but I remember her as a good and loving caregiver.

Thus, I was not a neglected child. Fourteen days after mom and I moved to Denmark. I was forcefully abducted by Børnevernet. It is the same as the Norwegian Barnevernet.

I was scared for the next 7 years when I lived under “public care.”

Like many other children under CPS’s watchful eye, I was not attending primary school in a conventional manner with a full curriculum.

I ended up with a prison sentence at the age of 16, with a sentence of 18 months.

This is one of many convictions I have received and served.

I’m not saying that it’s not my own stupid choices and I take responsibility for that, but the anger and “tools” that my CPS upbringing gave me didn’t help.

As CPS so nicely says, one cannot expect to be better than the environment one grew up in.

IF they had a reason to take me, they had seven years to correct my “damage.” I struggled like any other lonely child of a single parent before they took me away.

I was probably a bit spoiled and used to getting things by nagging or giving my mother a “hard time.”

BUT in 7 years, CHILD WELFARE achieved nothing. Instead of a victim as they ALLEGEDLY removed me as, I ended up as a perpetrator (assailant / robber /using illegal substances). Therefore, I have been gagged and condemned, since now I have a criminal record. Now, what I say means nothing.

I am by no means the only one.

Three out of ten inmates in Norwegian prisons were in contact with the Barnevernet before the age of 16. (3)

Ken is now reading the Bible on Bible Gateway one verse at a time.
He has told me: ” It is important to read about things other than destruction.”


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