April 9, 2016

What a wonderful week it has been! Sunday night, I was invited to speak at the Betania Romanian Church here in Hot Springs. They were such a gracious group of believers. I informed them that I was practicing my speech for the upcoming worldwide protest on them and they were very attentive. After an hour of worship and Bible Reading, I was given the opportunity to share my speech. Brother Gabriel translated the speech into Romanian. There were about 120 or so in the congregation, maybe more. Some of the members in the church knew more about the Norwegian problem than I do. Brother Daniel has become my contact and thinks that maybe 50 people will show up from his church at the demonstration on April 16th.

The speech was interesting. It was the first time that I have had to hold back tears during this learning experience. The training I received at Toastmasters (a speech club I once belonged to) was very helpful.


This is how the blog week started:

A post was then put up about the coming worldwide demonstration. Here is an excellent video showing demonstrations that have already occurred this year:

I’m a bit of a theology guy if you haven’t noticed. Dan’s blog, The Battle Cry, which I have been following for years had a great article that I re-blogged this week. It featured Pastor Gary Gilley of The Southern View Chapel. I have great respect for the discernment of Pastor Gilley.

YOU CAN FIND THE ARTICLE HERE. Don’t let the title of this piece scare you.

Two posts were then re-blogged, one by my blogging buddy, Manny Rodriquez and other by my American/Romanian friend Chris Prunean. Chris had great news! A judge in Norway made a judgement that baby Ezekiel must be returned to the Bodnariu Family! A CPS worker has stated that there may be an appeal in the case, but for now the baby is home with his parents who are praying for a similar judgement in the cases of their other 4 children.


Here are the reunited Bodnarius:

Ezekiel's homecoming Photo from Delight in Truth's blog

Ezekiel’s homecoming
Photo from Delight in Truth’s blog

American students are supposed to take American History in 5th grade, 8th grade, 12th grade, and again in college.
THIS POST WAS SENT TO ME BY BARBARA ANABLE. How is it possible that any American college student can’t answer the question: “Who won the Civil War?”

DELIGHT IN TRUTH LISTED CITIES WORLDWIDE WHERE DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST NORWAY’S CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES WILL BE HELD HERE. He was kind enough to include a small city like Hot Springs on his list. Hopefully, many will learn of the ongoing situation in Norway.

On Thursday, Jose Fernandez, the Superintendent of Hot Springs National Park approved my Special Use Permit request for a demonstration here in Hot Springs on the day of Worldwide protests. I would like to thank Tricia, Jose’s assistant, for her professional handling of my request. THE DETAILS OF THE HOT SPRINGS PROTEST CAN BE FOUND HERE.

By the grace of God, I was able to manage to squeeze in four days of teaching in different area schools. We have wonderful children living in our area. I got to teach Jr. High Social Studies, keyboarding, and music. Friday was fantastic. I got to spend my day with the special ed. kids at Fountain Lake Elementary.

Photo found at Deborah Ann's blog Photo by Michaela Baltazar

Photo found at Deborah Ann’s blog
Photo by Michaela Baltazar

I am constantly encouraged by CHRISTian poetry by Deborah Ann. HER WONDERFUL POEM MAY BE FOUND HERE.

I pray that all of you have a blessed weekend.

Chris Reimers

Special Use Permit for Hot Springs Protest Approved

April 7, 2016
Photo from Delight in Truth's Blog

Photo from Delight in Truth’s Blog

I have received the Special Use Permit required to gather at a First Amendment location within Hot Springs National Park. Here’s a close copy of the press release given to the local newspaper, The Sentinel Record, today.

(The press release was the tri-fold flyer we plan to hand out that day complete with updated material. The current handout includes the release of Ezekiel. As a CPS worker has stated that an appeal may be made by the CPS in the baby’s case, we hope this information stays current.)

Photo by Jerry

Photo by Jerry

When: 16th of April, 2016

Time: 10am-12pm

Where: Near the National Park office sign (above) at 101 Reserve Street at the corner of Central and Reserve at 10:00 a.m. If we have more than 25 people, we will have to spread out on the sidewalk near the fountain across the street. We will walk down the sidewalk at bathhouse row, impeding no other pedestrians, to the 1st Amendment Area on the Arlington Lawn across from the Arlington Hotel. We should be there around 10:30 a.m. After a prayer, a few songs, and a few speeches, we will return to where we began. The Arlington Lawn protest should last no longer than 1 hour.

Parking: Parking may be difficult as this is the final day of horse racing at Oaklawn. If there are no spaces at Hill Wheatly Plaza, parking should be available in the city’s free parking garage on Central Avenue. If you find no spaces there, you will probably be able to find a spot on one of the side streets near Hill Wheatly Plaza. Parking by the Arlington Hotel may be difficult for those who don’t want to walk bathhouse row. Arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to find parking.

I will be staying after the event until 2:00 to hand out flyers on the sidewalk on Central Avenue. If you wish to help, that would be great. I will give a brief “handout training” when we return to 101 Reserve Street.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.

God’s blessings…

Chris Reimers


March 26, 2016

Are we in the 9th inning?

Are we in the 9th inning?

It looks like the dry spell is over. By the end of the month, I will have put up nearly as many posts in March as I did in the past two years. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had Spring Break. It gave me some time to do some searching, studying, odd-jobs that have been waiting for me, and some writing.

Looking at the RECENT POSTS at the right you can see what I’ve put up this week.

I started with END TIME STUFF, the first time I’ve put up one of John Haller’s weekly reports. He watches the worldwide media for events relating to Bible Prophecy.

BRADLEY CLARK is an American Christian artist (musician) who is as concerned as I about the events occurring in Norway.

Deborah Ann has written another excellent poem called “BE NOT DISMAYED.” I am always blessed by her blog.

“MAKE MY LIFE A PRAYER TO YOU” is a wonderful praise song written by Keith Green’s wife Melody. I stumbled on this by accident this week and was blessed out of my socks. It reminded me of my early days as a Christian.

Greg Hunter interviewed EGON VON GREYERZ on his online show called USA Watchdog. His economic forecast fits the way I see things going.

CHILDREN TAKEN FROM THEIR PARENTS, IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY IN NORWAY is the story of a Christian family who had their 5 children taken from them without warning. If you want to know more about this, go to DELIGHT IN TRUTH’S BLOG. Worldwide demonstrations take place on Saturday, April 16 starting in most protesting cities at 10:00 A.M. I have called local authorities and have approval to gather on Central Avenue across from the National Park offices near the water fountain. I only have 3 signs made but we’ll welcome as many as want to come and join us. Please educate yourself about the issue before coming or stop by and get a brochure.

What do you think about REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT in America? Make a comment about your thoughts. I have given my opinion this week.

Lastly, GOOD FRIDAY OR PASSOVER discusses the timing of the final week of Jesus’ life. I was surprised when I read the article. If you haven’t wondered how Jesus was in the grave for three days and three nights when he died on Friday and rose on Sunday, you might find your solution HERE. It makes perfect sense to me. What do you think?

We remember one of the most important weeks in World History this week. Don’t think so? Check out how much of the Gospels are dedicated to this week alone. (The creation week was pretty important, too.)

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to You;
And my soul, which You have redeemed.
– Psalm 71:23

Chris Reimers

Bradley Clark Video Appeal for Anti-Barnevernet Protest on April 16th, 2016

March 21, 2016

You can join in this worldwide demonstration by coming to the peaceful protest in Hot Springs, Arkansas described a few posts back. If you can’t make it, pray for the people of Norway. For some reason, the Bradley Clark video is not coming up on my blog. Click HERE to see it.


Delight in Truth

Bradley Clark is a Christian artist, producer and co-host of the TV show Building a Difference.

Bradley Clark har sendt oss denne videoen som en appell til det norske folk om å møte opp og demonstrere til støtte for familien Bodnariu og for barns rettigheter og brudd på menneskerettigheter i barnevernssaker.

Sjekk hans musikk, han er faktisk veldig bra


Bradley Clark has sent us this video as an appeal to the Norwegian people to meet up and demonstrate support of family Bodnariu and children’s rights and human rights violations in child welfare cases.

Bradley Clark ne-a trimis acest film ca un apel la poporul norvegian să se întâlnească și să demonstreze susținerea familiei Bodnariu și drepturile copiilor și încălcări ale drepturilor omului în cazurile de protecție a copilului.

Bradley Clark nám poslal toto video jako odvolání k norských lidem setkat se a demonstrovat podporu práv a porušování lidských…

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March 19, 2016

I had the great pleasure to “talk” to a few of my students from over 30 years ago when I was teaching in San Francisco, California. I remembered each of them and, happily, they remembered me. It was a short but very sweet conversation over Facebook. I don’t remember them because I taught them in my first years of teaching. I remember them because they were special young people and it appears that hasn’t changed (except for their ages.) I enjoyed connecting with Tim, Martha, Ernest, and Dorothy again.

If you saw THIS POST, you will see that I’m organizing a peaceful demonstration in Hot Springs, Arkansas in April. You can CLICK HERE to listen to my friend in California explain why. All are welcome to my protest.

HOW DID WE GET HERE states that there is scientific evidence that evolution is “operationally impossible” (a scientific term).

I put up a post about the dating of the writing of the book of REVELATION HERE.

HOW TO BE A BAD MOTHER IN NORWAY explains that, according to Norwegian society, it is almost impossible to be a good Mom. It is an interesting article from a young lady living in Norway and posted on “Frog in the Fjord.”

Oh, and if you wish to worship God right there at your computer, please listen and sing along with the post called “Holy, Holy, Holy.” This was my favorite hymn as a child and still is.

God’s blessings to each of you.

Chris Reimers


March 17, 2016
Photo by Jerry

Photo by Jerry

I will be leading a demonstration on Saturday, April 16. It will be a peaceful demonstration to protest the Child Protective Services of the country of Norway. If you are not aware of the dreadful abuse of government power that is occurring there, you only need to visit THIS BLOG.

The demonstration will take place just across the street from the picture above. The picture is of a sign located directly in Front of the National Park offices on Central Avenue. We will gather near the large fountain at 10:00 A.M. I will stay until 2:00 P.M. I have contacted the local authorities and they are aware of the event. If you are not familiar with this important issue, check out THIS BLOG which has recently been dedicated to this issue. If you are able to stop by for a short time, that would be great. At the moment, I am only certain of one person who will be attending (me) for the duration. I know that one family member will be able to stop by. As I am organizing this with little notice, I would be happy for anyone to come and join me.

Please inform yourself before you come. I will be handing out brochures to try and educate Americans about these problems. Demonstrations will be held in other American cities. I will list them in a future post in case someone near those cities wants to attend.

Why this effort instead of the many others I could be addressing? You have to read DELIGHT IN TRUTH’S BLOG to find out. If this system is allowed by the world, it may wind up here someday. The tragedy is already occurring and maybe it can be stopped before the problem grows to other countries.

Chris Reimers


A word from a Norwegian:


August 15, 2013
Photo by mateoutah

Photo by mateoutah

It is time, once again, to get involved in local “politics.”  I was at a recent Watchmen of Garland County meeting and the subject was Oaklawn.  Oaklawn is the local racetrack and casino.  It appears that $40 million a month is not enough.  At least that’s the number that I heard from a friend who knows quite a bit about what Oaklawn takes in.  There is word in the air that another expansion is in the works.  I don’t know how large the plans are, but one more “machine of skill” (That’s a short phrase that some of those who benefit from the casino use.) is too much for me.

The plan is to show up at the City Board meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd, and voice our views on any expansion.  I have already requested FOI information and plan to share it at the meeting unless there are so many who have had their lives ruined by a gambling problem willing to speak that time runs out.

I’ve always viewed gambling as nothing more than a poor tax.  From a Christian viewpoint, the Bible speaks of being content with what one has.

Admittedly, I am not an angel when it comes to gambling.  I’ve gambled thrice, that I can remember in the last 30 years.  A boss of mine taunted me to gamble, knowing he would lose, just to see if I would gamble.  I finally relented and won $20 (I think).  He was so unhappy that I took him up on it that he paid me in pennies.  I turned around and bet another employee about something that I knew I would lose and he ended up with the tainted gambling money.  Another time, on a work related outing, I was given money to gamble.  I ended up winning at a black jack table.  I felt so bad I’ll never set foot in another casino as long as I live if I can help it.

If you live in or near Hot Springs, I hope you show up at the meeting on September 3rd.  Even if you don’t like to speak in front of people, it would be nice to fill the room with concerned citizens.

Chris Reimers

The photo above is not suggesting that Oaklawn allows children to gamble.  My point is that many children are affected adversely by the gambling industry.  There are many Dads who wind up like the guy below because there are casinos in town.

HERE is a link to an article about gambling sent to me by my friend, Kassey.

The article by Science Digest finishes with this statement:

The authors conclude: “Our findings indicate that there is a relationship between age and pathological gambling: the older the patient, the more gambling-related problems the patient has. Intervention during early manifestations of the complex problem that is pathological gambling is essential for successful treatment planning.”

Kassey writes a blog called “Ponder Anew.”

Photo by robertivanc

Photo by robertivanc

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